The Pink Valk is an Avatar item that was mysteriously distributed in Roblox during Week One of Metaverse Champions 2021. Despite numerous rumors, there is not confirmation that this item exists in Metaverse Champions as the grand prize. The real method involves the four Mystery Boxes.

What is Meta Champions?

Metaverse ChampionsRoblox’s most competitive event, where players unite behind four champions to earn points for their faction. There are around 180 Roblox game missions, with new missions every week. Each week, the Metaverse Champions winners receive an exclusive item. The event runs from April 14 through May 20.

What is the Pink Valk item exactly?

Pink Valk is a pink Avatar item for Roblox Avatar. It can be used as a head accessory. Limited accessories are available for many valkyrie items, including the Ice Valkyrie and Valkyrie Helm. These valk head items can cost anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000+ Robux. This is why the Pink Valk is being talked about so much at the moment.

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The Short Answer

Although many players believe that the Pink Valk represents the grand prize item of the winning Metaverse Champions, we think this is false.

Screenshot via Roblox

You will need to collect the Admins Box (the Developers Box), the Video Stars Box (the MVPs Box) and the Video Stars Box (the Video Stars Box) in order to obtain the Pink Valk.

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Below, we have listed the reasons why the four mystery boxes are so important to the Pink Valk.

The Pink Valk rumor originated from where?

It appears that the Pink Valk rumors began with Roblox’s website. The Metaverse Champions page,A section states:


Your champion will earn more points the more quests you complete each week. After the event is over, players can get a free item in the hub themed after their winning champion.

Below the text, you will see a silhouette of the Pink Valk. See the photo below.

Screenshot via Roblox

Many players believe that the Pink Valk will be won by the Metaverse Champions winner faction based on the image and text found on their website.

Is the Metaverse Champions grand-prize the Pink Valk

We know of no. This belief was refuted by despite the picture. DeeterPlaysRoblox YouTuber, and QA Tester for Roblox. He confirmed that the Pink Valk does not win the grand prize if Sparks Kilowatts wins.

DeeterPlays was a bit coy about something: the Special Mystery Boxes.

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How to get the Pink Valk Item

DeeterPlays strongly implied that collecting all four of these special Mystery Boxes is the only way to obtain the Pink Valk item. You will need to collect all four of the special Mystery Boxes: the Admins Box (Developer’s Box), the Video Stars Box (Video Stars Box) and the MVP Box.

Screenshot via DeeterPlays

Check out these guides to learn more about collecting these four Mystery Boxes.

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We believe that DeeterPlays intended to collect these boxes as the reward for the Pink Valk. There are many reasons.

  • DeeterPlays continued scrolling down at the section “Join the Hunt” on the Metaverse Champions Roblox Page.
  • DeeterPlays, at minute 257, said: “Trust us guys, take our word for it: all four of these are yours.” [Mystery Boxes]. You don’t need to be the only one. Not just one, but two. All four would be a good idea.
  • DeeterPlays repeats this sentence at 3:50 in the above paragraph.
  • DeeterPlays states at minute 4:10 that “I think it would have been a wise decision to get all these.” [Mystery Boxes].”
  • Referring to the RB Battles sabre, it appears that collecting all four Mystery Boxes will allow you to combine the items to make the Pink Valk. DeeterPlays suggested that this is what DeeterPlays meant.
  • Even though the Mystery Boxes look like the only way to get Pink Valk, it is best to treat this as a rumor at the moment.

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