Roblox Hyper Clickers Codes provides the most up-to date list of working OP code that you can use to redeem for a variety of gems or clicks. You can use these currencies to increase the ability to buy pets and get additional clicks.

All Hyper Clickers codes list

Once they become available, we’ll keep you informed with any additional codes. These codes could soon expire so you should redeem them quickly. These codes were tested as of the date this post was published. Please let us know if you find an expired code in the comments so that we can remove it.

It is important to enter the code exactly how it is written. Otherwise, it may not work properly!

Updated July 25, 2008

  • Three codes have expired

Hyper Clickers Codes (Working)

Here’s a list with all currently available codes.

  • E – Redeem code for Elsa Pet
  • Russo – Redeem code for a pet
  • Pet – Get a Fearless Cat code by redeeming

Hyper Clickers Codes (Expired)

  • Update26 – Redeem code for a reward of free Gems and Clicks
  • Trade – 30 Minutes of 10x Clicks
  • 10kLikes – 60 minutes of 10x clicks
  • Update25 – Redeem code for a reward of free Gems and Clicks
  • Thanksgiving – Redeem code for a reward
  • Update17 – Use the code to redeem for free gems and clicks
  • 33kFavorites-Redeem code to get a reward with free gems and clicks
  • Update16 – Enter code to redeem for free gems and clicks
  • Update15 – Redeem code to receive a reward of free gems and clicks
  • 25kFavorites: Redeem code to receive a reward of Gems and Clicks
  • Update14 – Get 950,000 Gems and 950,000 clicks by redeeming code
  • Update13 – Redeem code to get 900,000. Gems & 900,000.00 Clicks
  • Spooky – Get 1,000 Candy with a code
  • Halloween – 250 Candy Redeemed by Code
  • Spooktober – Redeem code for 1,000,000 gems and 1,000,000 clicks
  • 2.5MVisits – Redeem code to 1,000,000 Gems and 1,000,000 Clicks
  • Update11 – Code to redeem 700,000 gems and 600,000 clicks
  • Update10 – Code to redeem 650,000 Gems and 550,000 Clicks
  • Update9 – Code to redeem 600,000 Gems and 500,000 Clicks
  • Update8 – Code to redeem 500,000 Gems and 400,000 Clicks
  • Update7 – Code to redeem 300,000 Gems and 250,000 Clicks
  • 1MVisits – Redeem code to 700,000 Gems and 700,000 Clicks
  • 500kVisits – Redeem code for 500,000 gems and 500,000 clicks
  • Update6: Redeem code to get 200,000 gems, as well as 150,000 clicks
  • 1KLikes-Redeem code for Turtle pet. 20,000 Gems, and 20,000 Clicks
  • Update5 – Code to redeem 150,000 Gems and 120,000 Clicks
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How to redeem codes in Hyper Clickers

You can redeem codes here Hyper ClickersLook for the Discord icon at the top of your screen. Click that button to open the code redemption window. To redeem your reward, copy one of our codes and paste it in the text box.

Game Description & Recent Update

Welcome To Hyper Clickers!

Click to Get Clicks. Use these To Rebirth To Get Even More Clicks. To get more clicks, you can open eggs to obtain pets


— 5x Clicks added 💫– 2x removed Luck 🍀

— New Chirstmas World! ❄️• New Egg 🥚6-New Pets! 🐻‍❄️

Snow Spawn 🏔️

Advent Calendar 📅All 24 Epic Rewards are available! 💎You can claim your Day 1 through 9 until the 11th! 🌌

Particles can be turned off with an additional setting 🔮

Minor bug fixes 🦗

Stay tuned for more! 🎂

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