Hospital Tycoon lets you build a hospital, and then help the people who come to your door. You can start making money by selling medicine and then you can hire workers to make a great establishment. You’ll soon be hiring doctors and sending patients in for treatment.

Our Hospital Tycoon codes are a great way for you to get free boosts in-game that will allow you to buy your hospital pieces piece by piece. These boosts will double your Cash, double or triple your jump power, double or triple your damage, and even double/triple your speed! You can also get loot boxes for free to help you earn cash!

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All Hospital Tycoon Codes

Updated May 31Updated page. Checked working codes and added more!

Hospital Tycoon codes (Working)

Here are all of the Hospital Tycoon codes in use.

  • 250K—Use for ten minutes of 2x Cash (New)
  • GENERATOR—Use for five minutes of 2x Cash
  • LOOTER—Use for two Free Loot Boxes
  • LUCKY—Use for a Double Cash Boost
  • BOUNCY—Use for Double Jump Power
  • HEALTH—Use for Double Health
  • POWER—Use for Double Damage
  • SPEEDY—Use for five minutes of 2x Speed
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Hospital Tycoon codes (Expired).

These codes are no longer valid for Hospital Tycoon.

  • 150K—Use for ten minutes of 2x Cash
  • NPC—Use for ten minutes of 2x Cash
  • PET—Use for five minutes of 2x Cash
  • 100K—Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Cash
  • 10K—Redeem to Get a Boost
  • 5K—Redeem for 2x Cash Boost
  • 1K—Redeem for 2x Cash Boost

Hospital Tycoon FAQ: Answered

We have all the information you need about Hospital Tycoon codes.

How to redeem Hospital Ticoon codes

Redeem codes to receive free rewards Hospital Tycoon. Start the game by pressing the Present button on your left side. You will see a new window where you can enter the working codes into the text box. To receive your reward, click on the confirm button.

How do I find more Hospital Tycoon codes

This page contains the most current Hospital Tycoon codes. You can bookmark it by pressing CTRL +D and return often to see the new codes.

You can also follow Tycoon Empire StudiosFollow us on Twitter to join the Tycoon Empire Studios Discord.

Why won’t my Hospital Tycoon codes function?

Hospital Tycoon codes might not work because they aren’t entered correctly.

Another reason is the code may have expired unexpectedly and stopped working. Let us know if that happens so we can move working code to the expired section.

What Is Hospital Tycoon Anyway?

Hospital Tycoon is about building a hospital from scratch piece by piece. You can earn cash by selling medicine and then buying more hospital supplies. While it may seem slow at first you’ll soon be making a profit and building the best hospital possible.

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