Roblox is a huge success and continues to offer endless adventures for players of all levels. You can team up with friends to tackle challenges, or create a world that caters to your creative side. You will need the best gear to accomplish this. You will need the most recent codes to obtain that gear in Roblox!

We have gear for you to outshine the Robloxians in PvP. It is important to look good and have the best skins possible while beating your friends online. If you follow the codes below, you will be able to ensure that you have everything you need.

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List of All Gear ID Codes

Revised May 16, 2008

All new codes to your Gear

All Gear ID codes (Working).

At this time, there are not codes.

All Gear ID Codes (Expired).

These are the Gear ID Codes no longer valid.

  • 852552995—ABS GUN
  • 51346271—Bamboo Dart Blowgun
  • 42845609—BB Gun
  • 90718350—Bear Mine Gun
  • 192456288—Black Tie Affair Gun
  • 26017478—Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun
  • 163353363—Breakfast Gun
  • 563287969—Deep Space Raygun
  • 503957396—Deluxe Coil Gun
  • 18268645—Blast Gun
  • 183355892—Double Fire Laser Gun
  • 168143042—Galactic Laser Gun
  • 34901961—Gravity Gun
  • 27245855—Green Gremlins Paintball Gun
  • 840362298—GUN
  • 32357766—Gunslinger
  • 116693764—Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun
  • 130113146—Hyperlaser Gun
  • 336370943—Laser Gun of Tomorrow
  • 30649735—Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun
  • 22971409—Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun
  • 456221232—Party Blaster Paint Gun
  • 681419733—Pink Guns
  • 212296936—Red Hyperlaser Gun
  • 26014536—Red Rebels Paintball Gun
  • 268533563—Retro Super Villain Laser Gun
  • 467138029—Robot Dance Gun
  • 157205837—Steamgun
  • 356212933—Steampunk Steam Gun
  • 91360052—Suit Up Gun
  • 29099749—Transmorph Ray Gun
  • 94233344—Trench Warfare Shotgun
  • 65082275—Z Ray Gun
  • 176087466—Zebra Laser Gun
  • 2041982658—8-Bit Immortal Sword The Pixel Maker
  • 361950297—8-Bit Sword
  • 2103274863—8 Bit Sword and Shield
  • 121925647—8-Bit SwordPack
  • 181356054—All Hallow’s Sword
  • 163491866—America’s Swordpack
  • 108158439—Amerisword
  • 745790335—Anime Sword of Destiny
  • 17680660—Bat Knight Bat Sword
  • 112591894—Beach Battle Sword
  • 1903666770—Beach Umbrella Sword
  • 191261930—Black and White Sword
  • 1340206957—Black Hole Sword
  • 286519153—Swordpack
  • 629893424—Bombastic Sword
  • 1100939881—Bone Immortal Sword
  • 568894901—Swordpack
  • 1536056643—Carrot Swordpack
  • 383609201—Champion Egg Beater Sword
  • 46132907—Checkerboard Sword
  • 189756588—Christmas Tree Sword
  • 106690045—Classic Swordpack Throwback
  • 327579790—Custom Sword
  • 62673504—Dark Age Ninja Swordpack
  • 147143863—Darkest Arts Sword
  • 67996263—Deluxe Ninja Swordpack
  • 173755801—Diamond Blade Sword
  • 243791329—Double Sword Punch
  • 73232803—Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield
  • 172298750—Sword & Shield
  • 105351545—Dragon’s Blaze Sword
  • 168140949—Dragon’s Flame Sword
  • 160198363—Dynamically Lit Sword
  • 178076749—Sword and Shield
  • 416846710—Epic Golden Sword and Shield
  • 1060280135—Evil Knight Sword
  • 243778818—Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield
  • 1492182830—Fierce Roman Swordpack
  • 833771729—Fire and Ice Swordpack
  • 88146486—First Class Fencing Sword
  • 190204972—Frozen Swordpack
  • 218674280—Futuristic Swordpack
  • 356213216—Gearworks Sword
  • 1760406591—Glorious Sword
  • 264990158—Gold Eagle Sword
  • 226205948—Golden Sword of Spring Growth
  • 60357982—Guitar Sword
  • 244082303—Homemade Sword and Shield
  • 891980433—Immortal Sword American Splendor
  • 689391156—Immortal Sword Celtic Blade
  • 568920951—Endless Ice Slasher Immortal Sword
  • 1678356850—Immortal Sword Future Falchion
  • 416828455—Immortal Sword The Piece Maker
  • 638089422—Venom’s Bite Immortal Sword
  • 1560608167—Inflatable Sword
  • 170903610—Intergalactic Sword
  • 1033136271—Interplanetary Light Sword
  • 1789547756—Keytar Sword
  • 49929767—Knights of Redcliff Sword and Shield
  • 10831509—Knight’s Sword
  • 156467926—Knights of the Splintered Skies Sword
  • 68539623—Sword and Shield
  • 1241586595—Laser Sword and Shield
  • 319655422—Pirate Swordpack
  • 125013769—Linked Sword
  • 380201789—Magic Rainbow Swordpack Crown
  • 147937443—Mardi Gras Sword
  • 160198658—Midnight Sword
  • 88885481—Military Dress Sword
  • 241017568—Mythic Tides
  • 241017426—Mythic West Wind
  • 1046323916—Motherboard Sword
  • 241511828—Mystic Flames
  • 241512134—Mythic Earth
  • 833771102—Noob Attack Golden Sword Gladiator
  • 287426148—Omega Rainbow Sword
  • 92628079—Sword and Shield
  • 183797762—Longsword
  • 21439778—Shortsword
  • 156467990—Overseer Short Sword
  • 223439643—Overseer Sword & Shield
  • 483308034—Overseer-Warlord’s Sword
  • 57229357—Paper Sword
  •  1191150855—Periastron Swordpack
  •  602146440—Pizza Sword
  • 417456986—Plunger Swordpack
  • 1513260464—Pot O’ Gold Sword
  • 238903800—Recycled Cardboard Swordpack
  • 68233678—Red Energy Sword
  • 37821996—Riddling Skull Sword
  • 10468915—ROBLOX Classic Brigand’s Sword
  • 1016164480—Rolling Pin Swordpack
  • 1492226137—Roman Sword and Shield
  • 602144081—Sandwich Swordpack
  • 54694324—Saw Sword
  • 103359953—Shadow Sword
  • 212500257—Sharp Shark Sword
  • 95951291—Skeleton King’s Sword
  • 583157224—Snowflake Shield and Sword
  • 53623322—Sword of Judgement
  • 1016141577—Soulthief Swordpack
  • 20721924—Spartan Sword
  • 96669943—Spartan Sword and Shield
  • 11999235—Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword
  • 14876573—Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword
  • 139578571—Chi Biograft Energy Sword Spec
  • 23727705—Spec Epsilon Biograft Energy Sword
  • 21416138—Spec Gamma Biograft Energy Sword
  • 98411325—Omega Biograft Energy Sword Spec
  • 66416579—Spec Zeta Biograft Energy Sword
  • 68848741—Spectral Sword of Illusions
  • 48159731—Spring Sword of Growth
  • 1180432276—Stealthy Ninja Swordpack
  • 1829078563—Sun Slayer Sword
  • 25740034—Cane Sword
  • 54130543—Sword Fish
  • 62350883—Sword of Ancalagon
  • 77443491—Darkness Sword
  • 99797381—Fiery Justice
  • 431038614—Sword of Glowing Hope
  • 1402322831—Sword of Heartsongs
  • 77443461—Light
  • 21802000—Sword of Nefertiti
  • 1981813154—Starlight
  • 139578136—Sword of Swords
  • 40493542—Autumnal Winds
  • 365674685—Epicblueness
  • 409745306—Epicredness
  • 532254782—Eternal Abyss
  • 121873193Highlander
  • 183826384—Lands
  • 155661985—Seas
  • 93136666—Seven Winters
  • 54694329—Summer Sun
  • 928794651—Waves
  • 42847923—Winter Winds
  • 149612243—Sword of Unvanquished Snakes
  • 147143881—Sword Punch
  • 77443436—Swordbreaker
  • 1241156683—Swordfish Sword
  • 19398258—Swordpack
  • 317593302—The Pharaohs Guard Sword
  • 174752186—The Sword of Shai
  • 176087505—Tiger’s Wrath Sword
  • 83704169—Towering Inferno Sword
  • 549059775—Turkey Carving Swordpack
  • 65969704—Turkey’s Vengeance Sword
  • 93136674—Uppercut Sword
  • 261439002—Winters Greatsword
  • 12145515—Wooden Sword
  • 319655993—Beat Up Super Jank Boombox
  • 193769809—Boombox Gear 3.0
  • 409746054—Dual Golden Super Fly Boomboxes
  • 84417281—Dubstep Boombox
  • 212641536—Golden Super Fly Boombox
  • 774864444—Ban Hammer
  • 1242677—Ban Hammer
  • 867958517—50 ban hammers for 50 Robux
  • 478707595—All-Seeing Golem’s Hammer
  • 53623248—Hammer of Shimmering Light
  • 57134119—Foam Hammerhead
  • 972189904—Future Hammer
  • 33866846—Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01
  • 335085355—Overseer Smashing Hammer
  • 45177979—Sledge Hammer
  • 45513203—Star Hammer
  • 13207169—Stone Hammer
  • 53623350—Telamon’s Foe Hammer
  • 90718505—Exponential Rocket Launcher
  • 32356064—Rocket Launcher
  • 190094159—Super Rocket Launcher
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How to redeem a Roblox Gear ID code

It’s easy to redeem Roblox Gear ID codes. Follow these steps to find out where to redeem your Roblox Gear ID Codes for that shiny new item.

Screenshot by

  • Visit the Roblox Home Page from the main website.
  • There is a Menu Tab located on the top-left side of your screen. This tab is next to Roblox Logo.
  • The Gift Cards Tab will appear in the list. Click that tab to open it.
    • This will take to you to the Gift Card Page.
  • The Redeem Card tab is located at the top of the page. Click Redeem Card.
  • This will bring you to the Screenshot. Then, copy the code and paste it into the box. Finally, click on Redeem button.

How can I get more Gear ID Codes

You can get Roblox exclusive Gear ID Codes by following these instructions @RobloxOfficial Twitter Page. Return to for all the most recent codes.

Why don’t my Gear ID Codes work?

Roblox Gear ID codes can be time sensitive and play a minor cosmetic role in the game. These codes are usually only available for a limited time, so it is important to claim your codes quickly to ensure you get them before they expire or disappear. There is a possibility that you have typed the code wrongly. Make sure to copy the codes from our list and then click on the redeem button.

These codes could be outdated and some are from 2016. If you have a piece that is not available, please save this page to ensure you never lose another Gear ID Code.

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What is a Gear ID and how does it work?

These are numbers that can be used for cosmetic items in Roblox’s worlds. These pieces of gear can be purchased with in-game currency. They can also be added to your avatar. You can use certain gear types to increase the attributes of your avatar, which is useful for PvP. You can create the avatar that best represents you by visiting the Roblox Avatar Shop. offers more Roblox content. Check out the various codes you can use, and we’ll keep you informed about the latest. Roblox.


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