We are sorry to hear that you were not pleased with our latest news articleDiscussing the DMCA’s suppression of Roblox’s popular Roblox experience Football FusionYou’ll be pleased to know that the game has been restored to its original state. Although developers had to remove all NFL logos and names from the experience, game mechanics and play style are the same. Football Fusion 2It’s a pixel by pixels remake of Football Fusion. Many players are relieved that it isn’t copyrighted and shouldn’t be removed.


Football Fusion 2 and Football Fusion 1 both revolve(d) around football, and becoming the best player in the league. Football Fusion 2 is almost identical to the original Football Fusion game mechanics. From the store and inventory menus, to voting abilities, the majority of this experience looks the same. Football Fusion 2 is nearly identical to the original game, which will please players.

There are differences

The only difference between these experiences is the changing of team names, jerseys, or logos. Below is a list of all the name changes.

  • Arizona Heat
  • Atlanta Nighthawks
  • Baltimore Royals
  • Buffalo Boars
  • Carolina Predators
  • Chicago Bucks
  • Cincinnati Tigers
  • Cleveland Braves
  • Dallas Outlaws
  • Denver Mustangs
  • Detroit Lightning
  • Green Bay Paladins
  • Houston Drillers
  • Indianapolis Cubs
  • Jacksonville Devils
  • Kansas City Cherokees
  • Las Vegas Renegades
  • Los Angeles Comets
  • Los Angeles Rage
  • Miami Sharks
  • Minnesota Vipers
  • New England Nationals
  • New Orleans Knights
  • New York Greats
  • New York Juggernauts
  • Philadelphia Raptors
  • Pittsburgh Stormers
  • San Francisco Lions
  • Seattle Cyclones
  • Tampa Bay Pirates
  • Tennessee Trojans
  • Washington Warriors

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These team changes were accompanied by a major data and gamepass change. Football Fusion 2 is not able to buy or use gamepasses like Football Fusion. Although it is not known if this will change, they are currently unavailable.

There is an option to transfer your Football Fusion stats into the new version. But it takes a while. To transfer their stats, players can access the in-game Football Fusion 2 statistics menu. Although this method may not always work, it can sometimes take several tries before your data is transferred.

We recommend you join the Football Fusion 2 Experience to keep up-to-date with all things Football Fusion 2. Discord—the developer xstns posts updates regularly.

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