Roblox Obby games provide the most fun for casual players and Extreme Fun Obby is no different. The game can be more difficult that other Obby games, but this is not what makes it any less fun.

Some stages can be too difficult for many people due to their difficulty. You can get skips to help you pass the most difficult areas of the game by using the codes below. Similar to other Obby maps these skips can also be used to get through any part Extreme Fun Obby. It is best to save them for the end.

Get skips for Extreme Fun Obby while you wait. Also, make sure to look at one of our codes lists. We offer the most current codes for Roblox games, such as Mega Easy Obby, Mega Fun Obby 2, Obby Maker?, and Cartoon Obby!

All Extreme Fun Obby Cods

Last updated May 10, 2010.

New codes added

Extreme Fun Obby Codes – Active

  • askip4u—Redeem for 1 Skip (New)
  • bigrewards—Redeem for 4 Skips (New)
  • letsgo—Redeem for 1 Skip (New)
  • fourskips—Redeem for 4 Skips (New)
  • early—Redeem for 20 Rainbows (New)
  • Release—Redeem for 3 Skips (New)

Extreme Fun Obby codes (Expired).

  • No expired codes

How to redeem codes at Extreme Fun Obby

Screenshot from

  • To play the game, click the Twitter Bird icon to the right of the screen.
  • Enter the code exactly in the text box.
  • To claim your reward, press Redeem!
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    How can I get more Extreme Fun Obby Codes?

    Extreme Fun Obby is constantly updated. Codes are released when there are major changes. The game developer often includes a code when there are major changes. official TwitterThis makes it the fastest method to obtain codes once they’re dropped.

    You can also watch the official game stream. Discord channelTo see if codes from prior updates are still active, You can bookmark this page to keep track of new codes. We will be updating the page as soon we have the codes!

    What are skips? How do I use them properly?

    Extreme Fun Obby has one purpose for skips: To get you to the next stage. If you feel you can’t parkour to your next stage, or you wish to skip one, you can click the Skip button at bottom of screen. This will deduct one skip from your total. You can’t use the Skip button if you have zero skips!

    Description of the Game

    Extreme Fun Obby requires you to use your best parkour and jumping skills in order to complete a large parkour course. Extreme Fun Obby’s uniqueness is the ability to collect Rainbows by completing the course. These rainbows can be turned in for fun cosmetics and character trails, as well as pets. According to the official Roblox page, new stages are added every couple days, so you’ll always have more content—even when you reach the end!

    Our database contains a lot of codes that can be used in other games. Roblox Game Codes post! Also, you can get tons of stuff for free via our Roblox Promo Codes page.

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