Roblox Demonfall offers Demon Slayers the opportunity to learn powerful swordmanship styles called Breathing Styles. Each style has its own skill tree that allows you to gain new abilities. These styles are unique to elements like fire, mist, and water. This allows for some interesting combat scenarios in PVE and PVP.

It is difficult to learn a Breathing style. Before you can unlock the skill tree, it is necessary to locate the trainer. Below are the locations of all the trainers, as well as their requirements and descriptions for each breathing style.

Roblox Demonfall map

This map can be used to refer to your location within the game and every Breathing Trainer’s.

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Fire Breathing

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TrainerRequirementsLocationRengoku- 20x Demon Horns- 1x Demon CollarWhite Peak Mountain

Fire breathing abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?PassiveBlade turns red and engulfs in flame. Lights foes on fireN/AUnknowing FireCharge forward and decapitate opponent (does not kill)NoRising Scorching SunUpward flame slashYesFlame BendRelease all flames in one slashNoBlooming Flame UndulationSwings blade in circular motion- Defends from incoming attacks- Can decapitate multiple enemies- CounterNoFlame TigerFiery lunge YesRengokuDevastating slashing attackYes

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Insect breathing

TrainerRequirementsLocationShinobu- 10,000 yenCorps. Base

Insect Breathing Abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?Special LMBJab and strike your opponent multiple timesN/ADance of the ButterflyLeap into the air and spin onto opponentN/ADance of the CentipedeSwarm the opponent with butterfliesN/ADance of the SpiderRam into the opponent in a straight lineN/A

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Mist Breathing

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TrainerRequirementsLocationTokito- 2,000 yen- Complete Maze TrialFrosty Forest

Mist Breathing Abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?PassiveN/AN/AEight-Layered MistUnleash eight slashes in quick successionNoScattering Mist SplashSummon mist and become untouchable for a few secondsN/AShifting Flow SlashUnleash blade and strike enemyNoSea of Clouds and HazeTeleport behind the enemyYesJudgement CutDash backward and perform a series of long distance cuts- Leaves opponent vulnerable for a few secondsYesObscuring CloudsChange tempo of movement to disorient enemy- Clouds envelop the areaNo

Thunder Breathing

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TrainerRequirementsLocationKujima- 4,000 yen- Buy 20 Soup (Okuiya Village)- Deliver message to Marrone (Slayer Corp.)Coast Forest- Near Pink Tree

Thunder Breathing Abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?PassiveGenerate Electricity on your swordBonus: Attacks do more stunN/AThunderclap SlashDash forward and slash at opponentYesSix FoldThunderclap Slash with six dashesNoRice SpiritFive straight attacks performed in one momentNoThunder SwarmSpinning wave of thunder, strikes in all directionsNoHeat LightningSingle, focused slash attackYes

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Water Breathing

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TrainerRequirementsLocationUrokodaki- 2,000 yen- Complete Parkour Course- Destroy Large BoulderCoast Forest – Campsite

Water Breathing Abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?PassiveEach hit gets 15% of breath barN/ASurface SlashClose-range slashNoWater WheelLong-range slash in the form of a wheelYesFlowing DanceMid-range attack, can hit multiple enemiesNoStriking TideLong-range attackNoWhirlpoolLarge area whirlpool effectYes

Wind Breathing

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TrainerRequirementsLocationGrimm- 20x Demon Horns- Defeat Grimm in battleOkuyia Village

Wind Breathing Abilities

AbilityDescriptionBreaks Guard?PassiveUnleash four vertical slashesN/ADust ClawClose-range slashYes + Hyper ArmorPurifying WindLeap into air and release a devastating cyclone- Carries the opponent awayNoLotus TempestDash forward and slash in a a horizontal cyclone patternYesGale SlashJump and release a violent slash of windNoWind TyphoonLeap into air and generate Yes

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In Development

These Breathing Styles are currently under development

  • Beast
  • Insect
  • Moon
  • Sound
  • Snake
  • Sun

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