Dawn of Aurora is one of the most engaging survival games on the Roblox platform—hence why it was nominated in the Most Immersive Game category at the 8th Bloxy Awards. Roleplaying games often mean sweet new loot and weapons to unlock, so are there secret game codes in Dawn of Aurora? At the moment, unfortunately not.

Dawn of Aurora Codes: Common Questions

This project was launched May 18, 2020. Dawn of Aurora is a Border / Survival roleplaying game set in a post-apocalypse civilization. Players can pick from many factions and write their own backstory.  Outsider, Criminal, or FEAR soldier—carve this world how you see fit. Dawn of Aurora was created by developer SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX.

Dawn of Aurora does not have any secret codes. Below are some common questions that users have about the free rewards offered by Dawn of Aurora.

What are game codes?

Game codes are secret codes, created by a Roblox These game developers are difficult to find online. These codes reward players for playing the game with free items and encourage them to stay longer. You will receive in-game currency, weapons and limited-time vehicles as well as special power boosts. Some games may not use game codes.

Was Dawn of Aurora Codes ever created in the past?

We were unable to find evidence of secret game codes having ever existed in Dawn of Aurora.

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Do Promo Code Coupons Work?

No. Websites that offer free advertising Dawn of Aurora Coupon codes are not valid Beware of online scamsIt is important to Never give up your Roblox Username or PasswordTo anyone, and Never give out any personal information.Websites that request personal information to exchange them Roblox Codes is a fraud.

Are Dawn of Aurora codes possible in the future?

It is possible to release codes in the future. However, this is unlikely since the game is so well-known. However, Dawn of Aurora is still in early alpha development, so who knows? Perhaps game codes will be included in the final version.

If Dawn of Aurora codes appear in the future, we’ll be sure to update this page.

Game Description & Recent Update

[BLOXYS]Dawn of Aurora won the “Most Immersive Experience Award” at the 8th Annual Bloxy awards!

We are currently working on Dawn of Aurora’s next update. Redesigning the game’s performance and a new heist! Keep watching!

This is an early alpha version of the game. It is not yet final. Expect bugs, missing content, unfinished building, and modifications to the game’s mechanics. Support for Xbox and mobile devices will be added in a future update.

Were we omitted from any important? Dawn of Aurora codes questions? Questions about codes?

Our database contains a lot of codes that can be used in other games. Roblox Game Codes post! Our site also offers a lot of freebies! Roblox Promo Codes page.


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