Roblox Bakon Codes offers the most up-to date list of codes that can be used to redeem for free Bacoins, knife skins, and more. These codes can be used to help you collect some really amazing cosmetics.

List of all Bakon Codes

Once they become available, we’ll keep you informed with any additional codes. These codes are best used immediately as they may expire soon. These codes were valid on the date of publication. Please let us know if you find an expired code in the comments so that we can remove it.

Revised March 3, 2009

  • Verified working codes
  • New codes added

Working codes

Here’s a list listing all of the Bakon Codes currently in use:

  • DelayApologies—Redeem for Coins
  • NotSoHalloween—Redeem for Coins
  • Winter2020—Redeem for Sweet Winter 2020 knife
  • StinkyRoman—Redeem for Roman knife
  • 5k3tch—Redeem for Sk3tch knife
  • ThanksKev—Redeem for Kev knife
  • Cleetus—Redeem for Flamingo knife
  • 2onMe—Redeem for 2,000 free Bacoins

Expired codes

These codes do not work anymore.

  • This code is valid for BlackFriday2020: Get Bacoins free of cost
  • Pride2020: Redeem this code to receive a free Pride knife
  • This code can be used to redeem a free Chromatic knife Chapter11Thanks
  • Use this code to receive a complimentary Celebration knife: Celebrate200M
  • This code is redeemable for 3,000 Bacoins free of charge: 50inBag
  • Use this code to get a free pack of Bacoins at NewRecord45
  • Get a free bag of Bacoins by redeeming this code: EventS00n
  • Use this code to get a free bag of Bacoins. ThanksFor200
  • Use this code to get a free box of Bacoins: Sorry4Delay
  • This code is valid for 100MSurprise and you get a free bag of Bacoins
  • Get free Bacoins when you redeem this code: 60MGift
  • Get Bacoins for Free by Redeeming this Code: 25MGift
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How to redeem Bakon codes

Your codes can be redeemed in BakonAlthough it is somewhat strange, it is still quite simple! The “Server Size” text is located at the top. If you look closely, you will see a small Twitter icon. You will see the following pop up when you click that button:

Click on “Enter code Here” to enter one of these codes. Once you have entered it correctly, hit the Enter key on the keyboard to receive your reward.

We have tons of codes available for other games. Roblox Game Codes post! Our site also offers a lot of freebies! Roblox Promo Codes page.

What To Do With Bacoins & Knives

You can purchase cosmetics with the Bacoins. You can choose from a variety of skins to customize your Bakon character or purchase skins for the knife that you use to hunt down other players. These skins are only for fun. You can either collect them, or choose ones that you enjoy to use in the game.


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