Team Rudimentary has announced a planned Bad Business port to the Xbox version of Roblox. Update 2.14 will be the Xbox port. This is the first of three major updates Team Rudimentary has detailed in the 2021. Bad Business Roadmap.Future plans include a new Ranked form of Bad Business and a new Team Rudimentary.

The Bad Business developers released the 2021 Roadmap, which thanked fans for a successful 2020 and detailed this year’s plans. The next three major updates—2.14, 3.0, and 4.0—were revealed, detailing new additions and improvements to the game. The Xbox port is just the first of many new additions to Bad Business in 2021.

Every update seems to have minor improvements, with at least one significant addition: the Xbox port (2.14), new hardpoint, domination and FFA game modes (3.0), Ranked play on pro-servers (4.0). Needless to state, there is plenty to be excited about.

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These are the three updates:


  • Continue to release weapon upgrades and new level-based guns
  • Redesign the game mode system at the backend, and add the necessary polish to existing games modes
  • New prestige cosmetics
  • Port to Xbox


  • New gamepasses to follow up on the previously themed weapon passes (WW2, Prototype and Wild West).
  • There are many new game modes, including the highly-requested hardpoint, domination and FFA.


  • Introduce pro-servers. These will be ranked play options for Bad Business players with the highest prestige (Requires Prestige 1+).
  • Improved VIP server support
  • Special map and mode set specifically designed for VIP servers (2v2 modes and Search and Destroy etc.)
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Team Rudimentary announced in the 2021 Roadmap that they are creating their first game since 2019. Here’s all the information available about the game.

Team Rudimentary decided to discontinue last year’s quarterly content rollout and instead announced the roadmap through the first three updates. The team stated that the outdated way would soon be obsolete due to “frequent delays in updating.”

Regardless, it’s nice to know the new future of Bad Business so early into the new year.

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