The first-person shooter Arsenal has teamed up with Amazon for April 2022’s Prime Gaming x Roblox avatar accessory. This accessory, which can be claimed by accessing your Prime Gaming account during the month of April, serves as an out-of-experience avatar item and gives players exclusive content inside of Arsenal itself.

Though this isn’t the first Amazon x Arsenal collab that we’ve seen on the platform, with the first taking place in March of 2021, it does take the title as being the one with the most in-game content, bringing in a new character skin, weapon skin, emote, and more. In 2021, Amazon Prime Members could claim the Tech-Head accessory and unlock the Tech-Head skin in Arsenal. Now, in 2022, players can unlock the Virtual Nomad (Arsenal) Bundle accessory and all of the in-game items mentioned below.

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  • Nomad Character Skin
  • Nomad’s Blade
  • Nomad Weapon Skin
  • Nomad Calling Card
  • Hologram Kill Effect
  • Wall Flip Emote

After claiming the Virtual Nomad (Arsenal) Bundle and entering Arsenal, players will find all of the accessories listed above inside of their locker. Though they can only be claimed for a limited time, all of these accessories will remain useable even after the Amazon x Arsenal promotionHas ended in May of 2022.

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