Anime Warriors Simulator lets you lead an army made up of your favorite anime heroes! Your goal? You must collect the most powerful characters to help you progress in a world full of enemies. You can build the team you need by any means necessary to win the game.

The codes below can help you get to where you want to be. You can use these codes to access any resource that you need or to multiply your progress. You have never had it easier to collect anime characters, and then lead them to victory.

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All Anime Warriors Simulator codes List

Last updated July 13, 2022

New code added

Anime Warriors Simulator codes (Working).

  • fairytown—Redeem for several Boosts (New)
  • reaperworld—Redeem for several Boosts
  • onepunch—Redeem for several Boosts
  • sorryforbugs—Redeem for several Boosts
  • sinsupdate—Redeem for several Boosts
  • clansupdate—Redeem for 1 Ultra Lucky Boost, 2 3x Damage Boosts, and 2 3x Yen Boosts
  • bizarre175—Redeem for 1 Ultra Lucky Boost, 2 3x Damage Boosts, and 2 3x Yen Boosts
  • sorceryworld—Redeem for Boosts
  • levelpatch—Redeem for Boosts
  • DungeonFix—Redeem for several Boosts
  • update3dungeon—Redeem for several Boosts
  • code150—Redeem for several Boosts
  • Update2Heroes—Redeem for several Boosts
  • big100—Redeem for Boosts, Coins, and more rewards
  • sorry4shutdown—Redeem for several Boosts
  • update75—Redeem for several Boosts
  • luck40—Redeem for several Boosts
  • super20—Redeem for several Boosts
  • likes10—Redeem for several Boosts
  • Release—Redeem for several Boosts
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Anime Wars Simulator Codes (Expired).

  • There are still no expired codes!

How to redeem Anime Warriors Simulator Cods

Redeem codes to receive free rewards Anime Warriors Simulator. Follow these instructions to learn how to do it.

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  • Press the Twitter Bird icon at the left side to play the game.
  • Enter the code exactly in the text box.
  • To redeem your reward, press the Redeem button
  • What is a Boost in Anime Warriors Simulator? How do I use it?

    Redeemed codes often reward you with boosts. These multipliers can be used to increase your Yen earning rate, deal damage and get high-quality drops. This allows you to easily obtain huge amounts of Yen, Gems, and may even give you the push you need in order to get those rare characters you’ve always wanted. You can use them by pressing the Shop icon, then scroll down to the Boosts Section. To get started, press the Use button beside the type you want.

    How can I obtain more Anime Warriors simulator codes?

    You can bookmark this page to keep up to date with the latest codes. We do all the work of gathering the codes, and then present them in a short list for you to save your time.

    If you need the codes faster, you can follow the updates on the social media platforms of the developer (Enclamatic Simulations). Although they have a Twitter account it is not frequently updated. Instead, you can use their official twitter account. Discord channelLook in the codes channel!

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    What is the Anime Warriors Simulator (also known as Anime Warriors Simulator)?

    Anime Wars Simulator is a Roblox game that combines both simulator games with combat-based anime. Although you start out as a wanderer amongst a vast array of enemies, you soon build a team of heroes through rolls. You can eventually create a team of heroes with heavy hitting abilities from your favorite anime franchises with luck and perseverance!

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