Roblox All Star Tower Defense boasts more than 100+ units. Due to their limited availability, many characters on the roster roster are either not available for purchase or only released during festive seasons. These characters are only available for trading. The rarity of a character in the trading marketplace is what makes it valuable. Due to this, rare units like Old Will (Genryusai Shigekuni) and Zaruto (Naruto GRR III) cost a fortune when compared to strong, popular characters like Legendary Leader (Uchiha Madara) or Mysterious X (Satoru Gojou).

Below is a list listing all tradable units within Roblox All Star Tower Defense.

S+ Tier Characters

NameUnit TypeRarityOld Will (Genryusai Shigekuni)Hybrid6Death (Ryuk)Ground6Dark Wing (Ulquiorra Cifer)Ground6Challenger Flaming TigerGround6Club Beast (Kaido)Hybrid6First Wood Bender (Hashirama Senju)Hybrid5Martial Artist (Jin Mori)Ground5Legendary Borul (Alternative Broly) Air5

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S Tier Characters

NameUnit TypeRarityZaruto Naruto GRR II)Ground6Expert Sorcerer Ground6 (Normal)Ground6Water goddess (Aqua)Ground5

A+ Tier Characters

NameUnit TypeRarityZaruto (GRR I)Ground6Ghost Girl (Perona)Hill6Ice X-Marine (Admiral Aokiji)Ground6Elemental (Ultimate)Ground6Davi (Dabi)Ground5Ice Dragon (Toshiro)Ground5

A Tier Characters

NameTypeRarityExpert Sorcerer (Sad)Ground6Dungeon Queen (Spirit)Ground6Lightning Bolt (Laxus Dreyar)Ground6Shield Master (Naofumi)Ground6Shirtless DevilGround6Rimimaro (Insane)Ground5Elemental (Wind) Ground5Elemental (Water)Ground5Kovegu (Gogeta)Hill5Ice JawGround5Mysterious X (Satoru Gojou)Ground5Fire King (Sabo)Hill5Mistman (Zabuza)Ground-5Red Head (Shanks)Ground5Hog Eyzen (Hōgyoku Sosuke) Ground5

B Tier Characters

NameTypeRarityBOX (Ippo Makunouchi)Ground6Demonside (Ultimate)Hill6Legendary Leader (Uchiha Madara)Hybrid6Mechanical (Franky)Ground6Shave (Razor)Ground6Ruffy (Zambe)Ground6Christmas Gift III–Dungeon Queen (Normal)Ground6Ice Marine (Admiral Aokiji)Ground5Water Bender (Tobirama Senju)Ground5Super Fire Works–Royal Capsules–ZIO (DIO)Ground5Rimimaro (Kimimaro)Ground5Joke Da Fool (Hisoka)Ground5The Curse One (Yuji Itadori)Ground5Gen (Grown)Ground5The Assistant (Kabuto Yakushi)Ground5

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C Tier Characters

NameTypeRarityCapsules–Zorro (Dracule Mihawk)Hill5All Powerful (All Might)Ground5Summer Box I–Eyezen (Aizen)Ground5Summer Box IIGround5Ginbei (Jinbei)Ground5Eyezen (Aizen)Ground5Falcon (Hawks)Ground5Christmas Box–King RuffyGround4Borul (Broly)Hill4Wood Master (Yamato)Ground4Snowman IVGround4Dual Servant (Shirou Emiya)Ground4Maskice (Haku)Ground4Envi (Lust)Ground4Puppet (Gowther)Ground4

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D Tier Characters

NameTypeRarityToad Clone (Kashin Koji)Ground5Falcon (Hawks)Ground5Wild Animal (Inosuke Hashibira)Ground5Elemental (Lightning)Ground54-Eye Sorcerer (Kento Nanami)Ground5Snowman IIIGround4Lava Moth (Mei Terumi)Ground4Snowman IVGround4Vampire Vegu (Vegeta)Ground4Shirtless Magician (Gray Fullbuster)Ground4Super Koku (Jacket)Hill4Tatsu (Natsu)Ground4Vampire Vegu (Vegeta)Ground4Snake (Cloak)Ground4Ikki (White II)Ground4The Man (Von Hohenheim)Ground4Nezichi (Sword Skin)Ground4Gen (Gon)Ground4Blossom (Cherry)Ground4Zomurai (Shimotshukhi Ryuma)Ground4Ikki (Ichigo)Ground3Sonku (Senku)Ground3Ruwabara (Kuwabara)Ground3Snowman IIGround3

All characters in a Tier are not listed in any rank order.

More information Roblox, check out Rarest Units in ASTD – Roblox All Star Tower


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