UpliftGames, Inc. announced Monday, November 16, 2021 that they will be adding an update to the game in a crossover event with Sing 2. This event will feature a new stage, treasure hunts, and many other features. The Sing 2 Update is coming to Adopt Me this Thursday, November 18, 2021. This event will be available until December 1, 2021.

The announcement was made via a video posted to the PlayAdoptMe Youtube channel. The video explained the event and showed viewers snippets from the upcoming event. A large stage was shown with a Sing 2 sign, a hint at Buster Moon, and a peek at the Galaxy Explorer helmet.

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Your character will need to locate a number of items related to Sing 2. Your pet can receive the Galaxy Explorer Helmet accessory after your character has successfully completed the quest.

Stars of @singmovieThis Thursday, we will be visiting Adoption Island! 🐨 #Sing2Buster Moon is looking for permanent accessories for her pet.👩‍🚀 @illumination pic.twitter.com/4ftXOq1u7O

— Adopt Me! (@PlayAdoptMe) November 16, 2021

Sing 2 is the sequel to the Universal Pictures-created Sing franchise. The sequel will carry on the hilarious antics of the comedy-musical film. Adopt Me organizes this event to promote the movie which will be released in theaters Dec. 22, 2021.

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