Adopt Me It’s all about trading pets and hatching eggs. What could be better than a brand-new egg with a long list of potential pets? Adopt Me! The Woodland Egg will be released on March 17th. This new egg will feature a collection of cute woodland forest creatures, as well as camping gear and furniture for decorating your space. You can find a wide range of woodland creatures: water animals, forest critters and animals of air.

Adopt Me! loves a new egg! You can play as a player and try to get the latest pets. You have eight chances of hatching a Woodland egg. These include rare, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare creatures as well as legendary rarities. It is thrilling to hatch an egg with the hope of raising a rare pet. The Woodland Egg promises two legendary creatures. Here’s a list of adorable Woodland Egg pets that can be hatched!

Woodland Egg Pets

  • Bullfrog (Common).
  • Red Cardinal (Uncommon).
  • Woodpecker (Rare).
  • Red Fox (rare).

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  • Pine Marten (Ultra-Rare)
  • Salamander (UltraRare)
  • Fallow Deer ( Legendary)
  • Hawk (Legendary)

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