What are the Rarest Biomes in Minecraft?

What are the Rarest Biomes in Minecraft?

Determining Minecraft’s rarest Biomes is tricky business. You need to consider whether a Biome is a genuine Biome or if it is an extension of a Biome already in existence. We have compiled a list of the most rare Biomes from two categories: Modified Biomes and Normal Biomes to simplify things. Continue reading to learn about the three most rare types of each type.

Rarest Minecraft Biomes

Before we start, we would like to thank Reddit users u/Ecl1psedFor his extensive data mining. He ran almost 37 million tests across the globe to get all of the information below. This sounds like a great way to get the numbers. Here are the rarest Minecraft Biomes, ranked in order of most to least common.

Eroded Badlands

Minecraft Eroded Badlands Biome.Minecraft Eroded Badlands Biome.Image via: Minecraft Wiki

The Eroded Badlands, which are both the most frequent and most fascinating on the list, are the most popular. These spires rise from the ground and are tall and colorful. If you are a Survival Mode designer, this Biome can provide warm-colored blocks. Eroded Badlands are unique because they spawn above-ground Mineshafts.

Mushroom Field Shores

Minecraft Mushroom Field Shore Biome.Minecraft Mushroom Field Shore Biome.Image via: Minecraft Wiki

Next up is the Mushroom Farm Shores. This Biome smells, tastes, and sounds just like any Mushroom Field. The only difference and what makes this biome even rarer is the fact that it must naturally generate with a stream running through it in order to be called the Shore. It’s rare to see an ocean generate alongside a river, and it is even more unlikely to see it occur in the Mushroom Field.

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Snowy Taiga Mountains

Minecraft Snowy Taiga Mountain Biome.Minecraft Snowy Taiga Mountain Biome.Image via: Minecraft wiki

The Snowy Taiga Mountains make up the least common of all the unmodified Biomes. However, this fact is open to debate. Use a Biome Finder to find the Biome you are looking for. ChunkbaseThis is a result of the fact that seeds can sprout this way quite often.  These biomes are sometimes confused with Snowy Taiga Hills. But, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that Snowy Taiga Mountains rise higher than these biomes. They are often taller than other Mountain Biomes.

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Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau

Minecraft Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau Biome.Minecraft Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau Biome.Image via: Minecraft Wiki

The Modified Biomes will take us to the Modified Badlands Plateau. This Biome is the only major source of wood in Badlands biomes. An interesting fact about these Biomes is the fact that they often spawn near Eroded Badlands Biomes. This was also noted earlier in this list.

Modified Badlands Plateau

Minecraft Modified Badlands Plateau Biome.Minecraft Modified Badlands Plateau Biome.Image via: Minecraft Wiki

The Modified Badlands Plateau, oddly enough is more rare than its wooded counterpart. This is a surprising fact considering that Badlands Biomes are notorious for having low wood resources. The Biome often produces adjacent to Eroded Badlands. The Modified Badlands Plateaus version is often lower than the normal Badlands Plateaus despite its many similarities.

Modified Jungle Edge

Minecraft Modified Jungle Edge Biome.Minecraft Modified Jungle Edge Biome.Image via: Minecraft Wiki

The Modified Jungle Edge Biome can be almost distinguished from any other Jungle Edge. You can tell the difference by the Modified Edge’s more extensive trees and smaller areas. Due to some rare world generation requirements, u/Ecl1pse tested that only one out of 370,000 world chunks could be created by this biome. This is lower than the chances of winning high-stakes lottery tickets.

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A Rare Lesson

It would be foolish not to use proper tools to search for every biome in this list. If you do come across these when you first populate your Minecraft world, however, perhaps that day might be your best day to hit the casino.

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