Rarest Items in Minecraft

Rarest Items in Minecraft

The following is an extract from the Official Minecraft PageThere are 11 items in Minecraft Survival which are either rare or epic, and we have the complete list. Each item has a brief description. So you can now open 11 more tabs for research on your browser. We won’t charge you any extra for your time saved.*


Rarest Items in Minecraft

Before we get started, a note: This article is mainly focused on Rare Blocks that can be obtained in Survival Mode on Minecraft. Below are the Rare blocks that can only be obtained by using the Creative Mode command Give. Continue reading!

End Crystal

Barish thinking about an End CrystalBarish thinking about an End Crystal

The End Crystal is at the top of the list. This is most likely the first time you see it when you enter the Nether. They are used as a source for healing by the Ender Dragon. Although it is possible for the dragon to be killed, it is not possible to destroy them. It is, well, really difficult to do this. It is strongly advised that you eliminate them before attacking the Ender Dragon. They explode when they are destroyed and cause 10 hearts of damage. Be careful!


An activated Minecraft conduit.An activated Minecraft conduit.

Next we have the Conduit. Although it may seem small, the Conduit can have a significant impact on players living up to 96 blocks from it. Once activated, it grants three buffs for all players in range that come into contact with rain or water: enhanced underwater breathing, underwater night vision, and an increase in underwater mining speed. Damage is dealt to any mobs located within eight blocks from the conduit.

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Giddyup and a Minecraft Beacon.Giddyup and a Minecraft Beacon.

The Beacon is a classic Minecraft item, even though it hasn’t been there since the beginning of Minecraft. It was for a time considered to be a high-ranking achievement to activate a Beacon on a Minecraft Survival server. This was not because it was difficult to obtain (although beating the Wither is no easy feat!).It was due to the daunting amount of mining required to activate it fully.

Golden Apple

Barish and the floating Minecraft Golden Apples.Barish and the floating Minecraft Golden Apples.

The Golden Apple, a small but useful item that can be found in a variety of places, is not difficult to find. It can be obtained by using eight gold ingots and one Apple, or it can be found in world-generated chests. The golden apple can be used to increase the chance of taming a horses or to convert a zombie villager back to normal (when combined with a potion that weakens).

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Music Discs

A wall of every single Minecraft Music Disc.A wall of every single Minecraft Music Disc.

Music Discs can be dropped by creepers if they are killed by skeletons and strays, except for Pigstep. It can be difficult to get all twelve of them, but it is possible to trap a skeleton inside a fence. The skeletons will play music when put into a game jukebox. What’s the number 11?

Barish wearing a banner and presenting every rare Minecraft Banner Pattern.Barish wearing a banner and presenting every rare Minecraft Banner Pattern.

Here are six Rare Banner patterns. Some are more scarce than others. Others can only been obtained via trade or world-generated chests, rather than being crafted. Although the daisy pattern can be obtained easily, other items require an Enchanted Golden Apple (listed above) or…well…the. headsBeware of your enemies

Dragon Egg

A Dragon Head on a Minecraft Dragon Egg.A Dragon Head on a Minecraft Dragon Egg.

You can only get the Dragon Egg in survival one way, and only once. This technically makes it one of the most rare items in survival. Although it is easy to get access to the Dragon Egg (defeat Ender Dragon), it can only be dropped on a slab. Or you can push it with a piston. You can’t move it once you have placed it. It teleports to nearby blocks if it is mined.

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Enchanted Golden Apple

A baby Piglin inspecting a Minecraft Enchanted Apple.A baby Piglin inspecting a Minecraft Enchanted Apple.

PVP Survival server players will know the importance of the Enchanted Golden Apple in the heat battle. We think that this should be the most rare Minecraft item. You’ll more often than you might get all the other items (including the Dragon Egg) before you can obtain one of these. They provide the following buffs once eaten: Regeneration II (20 second), Absorption IV (2 minutes), Fire Resistance (5 minutes), Resistance (5 minutes).

Creative Blocks

A Minecraft Command Block, Structure Block, and Jigsaw Block.A Minecraft Command Block, Structure Block, and Jigsaw Block.

These blocks are not necessarily rare, but they deserve to be mentioned because they can only be obtained via the Give Command in Creative (they don’t even appear in the Creative inventory).

When certain conditions are met, the Command Block makes certain actions in the game. Although it is difficult to learn how to code with it, it can help you create custom adventures in Vanilla Minecraft.

The Structure Block can be used to create structures. Creative activates the Structure Block so you can save, modify, and load premade structures. You can quickly create maps without having to place blocks one by one.

The Jigsaw Block, which is combined with the Structure Block, can be used to build certain smaller structures like outposts and villages.

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