Prestonplayz Minecraft Skin Template

Prestonplayz Minecraft Skin Template

Minecraft has a huge player base, with many streamers making it their favorite game. One of the most viewed Minecraft streamers is YouTuber Prestonplayz. He has as many followers as he does. Many of them want the same outfit to express their appreciation for the YouTuber. We have the image file ready for you to download and install.

Prestonplayz Skin

Prestonplayz is currently using the image below. You can download the skin by clicking on it and choosing Save Image File.

Prestonplayz skin image file.Prestonplayz skin image file.

How to Install

It’s now much easier to add skins to Minecraft. This will only work for the Java Version of Minecraft. There is currently no way to install custom skins on the Bedrock Edition. Follow the steps below to install the skin. For simplicity, the instructions have been color-coded.

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  • Step One (Yellow Arrow). Click on the Skins tab within the Minecraft Client to navigate to it.
  • Step 2 (Red Arrow), Click New Skin in the Skins tab to open the page that allows you to import a skin.
  • Step 3 (Blue Arrow): On the New Skin page click Browse to open a file explorer.
  • Step Four (Green Arrow). Navigate in the file browser to the folder containing your skin file (usually found in your Download folder), and double-click to select it.

Once you’ve done that, click Save & Use to finish importing it to your game and use it as your skin!

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