Roblox is offering some very exciting news to those who enjoy getting free items. The code for a new avatar shop item in Roblox has been revealed. The White Cat Wizard is a hat accessory that your avatar can wear on their noggin.

Update: This promo code may no longer work

It appears that the White Cat Wizard hata description has been updated. removed the talk of it being available via promo code. While it is unclear how it will go public, the text that was deleted from it suggests it will likely be used in a different way. This makes it unlikely that the document will be made available free of charge.

Roblox White Cat WizardYou can use it as much as you like. Similar to Easter Egg Hunt eggs, you can use it without any accessories. Here is a glimpse at the final model you will receive:

Roblox white cat wizard hatRoblox white cat wizard hat

While we do not know the exact date, we will keep you updated. Roblox Promo CodesIt is best to post it as soon possible. These items usually arrive a day or so after they are revealed. You shouldn’t have too much time to wait. Roblox has recently given away quite a number of items. The Birthday Cape and Crystalline Companion, Fully Loaded Backpack, Kinetic Staff, and Fully Loaded Backpack were all given away recently in code or game form. This adds an extra cosmetic to your collection, so make sure you grab it as it is likely to only be available for a short time.

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