New Genshin Impact leaks Sumeru character names

New Genshin Impact leaks Sumeru character names

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Genshin Impact’s army has been searching for crumbs that could be related to Sumeru, with Sumeru only a few updates away. The latest discovery is a list of names that could make up the Sumeru characters.

Reddit user u/BinhTurtle posted screenshots taken from the WFP Discord channel in r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks. The post introduces information from a Chinese leaker, who had removed their original post—so all leaked translations are based on screenshots taken by other members of the community.

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These names were leaked Djajeet, Tighnari, Nafs, Dori?, and Nahida. Although it is unclear if they are male or feminine characters, the leak indicates that there will be two new male characters following Version 3.0. Their names have not yet been leaked. According to Reddit comments, the names that have been leaked appear to be from India and Arabic. This suggests they might appear in Sumeru.

It isn’t the first time that Sumeru characters have been revealed. Rumours of earlier times mentioned a Sumeru character name. Niloua “girl” character of a female character (similar to Keqing and Hu Tao), whose name also recalls Sumeru’s theme.

However, with Version 3.0—which will take the Traveler to Sumer—still at least four updates away, these leaks are extremely unreliable and are subject to massive change. These leaks should be taken with a grain. Also, keep an eye out for new leaks as we get closer to the Sumeru update.

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