New Adopt Me! Fall update brings a festive look to the game!

New Adopt Me! Fall update brings a festive look to the game!

Adopt me! Roblox continues to set new records, breaking its own record for most concurrent users on the platform last week. This was due to the Fossil egg’s release and the introduction dinosaur pets to the game. Roblox apparently buckled under the pressure and there were outages across all servers due to this popular update. The developers of the game released a new update which brings a festive feel to the map.

Here are the details for the Adopt Me! fall update.

  • It’s fall!
  • New fall exterior & furniture!
  • Hot Spring Area – Get 2x Bucks
  • There is a rattling sound in the distance…

This list does not include the Leaf Crown, which you get when you log in! This accessory is for pets, so let your pet proudly wear it.

The map is now very orangey-yellow and red, which means that fall is here! You can find new furniture and exterior items to brighten up your home. The hot spring area is a stunning addition to the map. It features trees and hot springs that can be used to soothe your sore muscles.

Adopt Me! new hot springs areaAdopt Me! new hot springs area

It’s a great addition to the map, and it really brings the season to your mobile device or computer. We were also told that Halloween items might soon be on the horizon. If you hear rattling from the distance, it is a sign that another update will be coming. This update will bring some scary new features to the game. Halloween is always a great time to play games, as there are so many awesome and creepy things you can add! We can’t wait to see what Adopt Me! brings us. We are excited to see what Adopt Me has in store.

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Although we do not know the exact date for Halloween, it’s only a matter of time before the holiday is over.