Most Useful Minecraft Inventory Shortcuts

Most Useful Minecraft Inventory Shortcuts

While Minecraft is all about building, crafting, gathering and building, inventory management is essential. Whether you’re building your latest megastructure or just trying to stay alive in a Hardcore Survival challenge, then some quick inventory shortcuts save you time and possibly your life.

What’s more, if you’re looking into Minecraft speedrunning, knowing these tips and tricks is essential. Keep reading and discover the most helpful Minecraft Inventory Shortcuts.

Inventory Shortcuts while holding an item

  • Left Click – Places a stack of items in the inventory slot hovered. Swap with all the items that have occupied that slot if an item is there. 
  • Right Click – Places one item from the inventory stack in the slot that is hovered above. Swap with an item that occupies the same slot as the one you are currently using. 
  • Left click outside the inventory to drop the entire item stack on the ground
  • Right-click outside the inventory to drop one item from the stack onto the ground
  • Shift + Double Left Click a stack to move all item stacks that are of the same type into the inventory’s first slots. All stacks can be moved to a chest by clicking on them. 
  • Hold Right Click and Drag. Place one item from your picked-up stack into the empty inventory slots along this dragged path.
  • Hold Left Click, Hold Middle Mouse Button, Drag – Divides stack equally across empty inventory slots

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Inventory while hovering over an item in your inventory

  • Left click – Grab the stack below your cursor.
  • Double Left Click: Pick up as many of the item type you desire.
  • Right Click – Pick up half of a stack
  • Shift + Left/Right Click – Move stack to first slot in hotbar You can also do it the other way around.
  • Shift + Left or right Click on armor – Equips an armor piece. It moves the armor back into the inventory if it is already worn.
  • Numbers 1-9: Move the item stack into that hotbar slot
  • Use the Esc or E buttons to exit your inventory.
  • Q button – Drop one item from the stack to the ground.
  • Press the Q button and drag the stack to the ground using the CTRL + Q buttons
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You’re now able to manage your inventory and it’s time for you to meet our guide to the Diamond gathering. Minecraft: Where-to Find Diamonds Guide – Best Ways to Locate Diamond Ore!

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