Roblox Avatar Shop offers a wide range of products. Many items are affordable and only cost a few Robux. There are also some extremely expensive items that may not be within the reach of many Roblox players. What are they?

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Check out this list if you are looking to splurge. We did not include resale or original prices.

Roblox Tablets

Many Roblox-themed tablets were given to the winners of this competition. The original value of the tablets ranges from R$80,000 to R$900,000. However, you can’t buy originals at the retail price. They can only be resold at an extremely high price.

Federation Crowns

These rare crowns were made during the Wars of Reunification. Their rarity has increased over time. You can’t buy them anymore, but their original price was R$50,00-R$200,000.

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Sparkle Time Fedoras

Sparkle Time Fedora Series: The sparkle time fedoras. These are highly sought-after accessories that Roblox players can only purchase after the initial release. These hats retail for R$50,000 to R$100,000.


Many resale items have very high prices. These prices are not representative of the original Roblox price, but they represent the majority of the most costly items on Roblox. Ultra Commando, which is priced at R$999.999.999, is currently the priciest item in Roblox Store.

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