Mojang removes Fireflies from the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, for realism

Mojang removes Fireflies from the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, for realism

July 5, 2022 Off By

If you were looking forward to the glittering light of fireflies in Minecraft patch 1.19, the Wild Update, then there’s some bad news. Mojang announced yesterday (May 10th) that fireflies will not be part of the 1.19 update. An Ask Mojang video, a response to the question, “What happened to the fireflies and birch forests?” was given.

Anna Lundgren, the producer, explained in the video that fireflies from real life are toxic to toads and frogs. This was also brought to their attention through player feedback. The frogs can also eat small slimes.

Fans expressed dismay at the removal. And given a rather obvious solution to the developer: Add fireflies but don’t have frogs eat them. Lundgren did confirm that this isn’t a definitive end to fireflies, but they won’t be included in the Wild Update.

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In a preview of the Wild Update, fireflies were introduced along with frogs as part 2021 Minecraft Live. Their removal has reduced the number of Wild Update additions to frogs as of yesterday. A number of other elements were also confirmed in the video, including bundles, mud and goat horns. 

Lundgren also clarified that the birch forest changes were just concept art and not a commitment to adding the feature, and they’ve not continued working on an update for the biome.

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