Moisty Mire Chest Locations, Gas Station Locations, & Treasure Map in Anarchy Acres Location – Fortnite Season 3 B …

Moisty Mire Chest Locations, Gas Station Locations, & Treasure Map in Anarchy Acres Location – Fortnite Season 3 B …

Fortnite’s season three battle pass is over, and it’s time for another week of challenges! We are now on week 5. This week, we will be hiding in a bush and searching for chests in Moisty Mire. Also, this week, we will be beating people with our pickaxes.

Make sure you finish your Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 4!

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 5, Guide

Use the Bush

You don’t have to hide in a bush, but you do need to use the bush item. This one is going to be the most difficult. They are usually found in chests but can be found on the floor.

Moisty Mire: Searches Chests

This is going to be a frustrating challenge, but it is far better than the Wailing Woods version. The north east is where you will find the three chests. It’s located at the top of a massive tree that has several chests around. The unnamed jail is located north of the mire. It’s very unlikely that it will count towards the challenge. So the chests to your south west may be the easiest to grab. Credit to Fortnite Chests for the image.

Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents

This is going to be fun! You are likely going to be attacked pretty heavily with pickaxes when you land now as people try to complete this challenge. However, the best way to complete this is to do duo or squads and knock someone then proceed to pickaxe them to finish them off. You’d only have to do this around 3 times to get it done.

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Visit different Gas Stations in a single match

This is an interesting one, and I think it’s actually going to be fairly difficult. You’ll have to visit 3 different gas station locations in one match. Based on the map below, these are pretty spread out which will be a lot of leg work and could lead to some frustration if you get killed on your way to the last location.

Credit to LootLakeBR on TwitterFor the image.

The shortest path is going to be the soccer field to the west of Tilted Towers and going north from there up into Pleasant Park. However, you might meet up with people who are rotating out of pleasant because it’s a pretty hot spot for activity. The Lucky Landing gas station is a possibility, you could land there then head north into Salty Springs which is usually cleared out by then, and head east to the gas station south of Retail Row.

Follow the treasure map in Anarchy Acres (HARD)

You’ll find this little Fortnite icon just south west of Junk Junction. If you zoom in on the map at Junk Junction you’ll see a sandy area that has a boulder, it’s just south of that!

Credit LootLakeBRFollow us on Twitter to see the image

Pistol Eliminations

This challenge will require you to kill three people using the pistol. The suppressed pistol is my favorite and should be your first choice for this challenge. If you prefer the easy way, knock people down in teams or groups and finish them with the pistol. This is a good option if you have trouble with eliminations.

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Eliminate your opponents in Tilted towers (HARD).

This will be more difficult than normal in Tilted Towers. It’s not difficult to acquire a gun fast, and there will be many people trying to pickaxe you that it should make shooting quite easy.