Minecraft: Where to Find Diamonds Guide – Best Ways to Locate Diamond Ore

Minecraft: Where to Find Diamonds Guide – Best Ways to Locate Diamond Ore

One of the most important resources in Minecraft is diamonds. You can use them to create everything, from beautiful tables to the most powerful tools and armor. It is crucial to find out where and how to get these diamonds. This is where you will find Diamonds in Minecraft.

Where to Find Diamonds

Diamond Ore can be found deep below the surface of the map. The ore generates between vertical coordinate levels y:16 and y:-64. The Diamond generation exists as a triangular structure. There is little chance that diamonds will spawn near y.16. However, there is a good chance of Diamonds being spawned closer to y.64. For this reason, we suggest looking for diamonds in the range of y:-54 and y:-64.

Your diamond hunting experience will differ if you’re using Minecraft 1.17 or older. Diamonds can only spawn at vertical coordinate levels between y.5 – y.16 in those versions. These levels are the most popular for searching for diamonds. The lava that forms between levels 5 and 10 is what makes these levels so attractive.

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How to Mine Diamonds

Before diving into the deepest parts of your Minecraft maps, you must first learn how to mine Diamond Ore. To create an Iron Pickaxe, follow the steps below.

  • Iron Ore – Iron ore is quite common. It can be found in almost any cave, as well as by digging into the ground.
  • Smelt the Iron Ore – Before you can use the Iron you just mined, it needs to be smelted. You will need to place Iron Ore and some fuel, such as coal, charcoal, or wood, into a Furnace. Iron Ingot will be created.
  • Make the Iron Pickaxe. – Once you have melted the Iron Ore take three Iron Ingots and two Sticks, and place them in a crafting area in the form of a pickaxe. The result will be an Iron Pickaxe.
  • Screenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net

    How to Find Diamonds

    We now know where Diamonds come from and how they are mined. It is important to understand the most efficient ways to locate these diamonds. One way to search for Diamonds is to first search for caves. Caves are a great way to find Diamonds. This is a great way to explore cave systems and take your focus off of Diamond hunting.

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    Strip Mining is another popular method to search for diamonds. Strip Mining refers to the act of mining down to a certain point and creating strips. These strips allow you, in one direction, to mine in a straight line. Because you are focusing 100% on finding Diamonds and not exploring, this is the best way to search for them. A hallway will be created by players at the level they wish to search for diamonds. They then create strip mines along the corridor, as shown below.

    Screenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net

    General Tips & Tricks

    • Create a Crafting Table, Furnace, & Storage area near where you are doing all of your mining. You can return to this area to drop off items or empty your packs. You can smelt ore in the same area as your mining, and your resources will remain safe.
    • Doing any type of deep mining is dangerous because of its potential for lava. For the event that you are thrown in, be sure to have a bucket with you. To avoid any possible risk, it’s a good idea to go back to your storage to drop off your Diamonds.
    • While searching for Diamonds, make sure to grab any other Ores. All of these resources are very important. While diamond is an important material, don’t forget about the other key materials!
    • Never dig straight down! This is a rule that most Minecraft players are familiar with, but it’s still important to remember. It’s possible to fall into a mob-filled cavern or into lava.
    • You can enchant your pickaxe using the Fortune enchantment. This will increase your chances of getting additional Diamonds by mining the ore.
    • Make a way back to the surface. It’s easy for people to get lost in caves. We recommend that you create a staircase all the way to your desired mining location. Light it with Torches and you will be able to find your way back up to the surface.
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