Minecraft: Netherite vs. Diamond – Which is Better and Why?

Minecraft: Netherite vs. Diamond – Which is Better and Why?

Diamond has long been the top-tier gear in Minecraft, but that will be changing with the 1.16 Nether Update! It is now Netherite that will take the top spot. But, what makes it so special? Let’s take a look at Netherite and Diamond to see what the differences are.

Netherite has been officially added to the game’s 1.16 patch. This patch gives players the opportunity to create armor stronger than Diamond for the first-time. While you’ll still need some Diamond armor to create Netherite, it is still a very significant upgrade. It is well worth going to the underworld to find it!

Diamond vs. Netherite

Netherite is a better choice than Diamond, if you look at it objectively. It is basically an upgrade of Diamond. This means you get more than you got with Diamond. Netherite is known for its Knockback Resistance, so you can get it out quickly. You will be less likely to be hurt if you are hit by an explosion or other force that knocks you back. It will not be destroyed by the lava, which is another great thing about it! It will float in the lava, making it ideal for exploration. Let’s now compare its stats to Diamond.


  • Netherite Helmet, +3 Armor Toughness. +3 Armor. +1 Knockback Resistance
  • Diamond Helmet: +2 and +3 Armor Toughness


  • Netherite chestplate: +3 Armor Hardness, +8 Armor and +1 Knockback Resistance
  • Diamond Chestplate – +2 Armor Toughness and +8 Armor
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  • Netherite Leggings, +3 Armor Toughness. +6 Armor.
  • Diamond Leggings – +2 Armor Toughness and +6 Armor


  • Netherite Boots: +3 Strength, +3 Armor, +3 Armor, and +1 Knockback Resistance
  • Diamond Boots: +2 and +3 Armor Toughness

As you can see, armor pieces get +1 Armor Toughness. This is an additional attribute that increases your armor’s protection. This also gives you the Knockback Resistance, which we have already mentioned.


  • Netherite Sword: 8 Attack Damage, 1.6 Attack Speed
  • Diamond Sword: 7 Attack Damage, 1.6 Attack Speed


  • Netherite Pickaxe – 1.2 Attack Speed, 6 Damage
  • Diamond Pickaxe 1.2 Attack Speed, 5 Damage


  • Netherite Shovel: 1 Attack Speed and 6.5 Attack Damage
  • Diamond Shovel 1 Attack Speed, 5 Attack Damage


  • Netherite Axe 1 Attack Speed, 10% Attack Damage
  • Diamond Axe: 1 Attack Speed and 9 Attack Damage


  • Netherite Hole: 4 Attack Speed, 1 Damage
  • Diamond Hoe: 4 Attack Speed and 1 Attack Damage

You generally get a +1 when it comes weapons and tools. That’s it. This damage can be translated into quicker harvest times for mining, chopping down tree trunks, and digging up dirt. According to Netherite, netherite has increased durability. Minecraft WikiYou’ll get 1,561 durability with a Diamond Pickaxe and 2,031 with a Netherite, it seems.

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