Minecraft: How to make Tipped Arrows in Minecraft?

Minecraft: How to make Tipped Arrows in Minecraft?

Because tipped arrows are a feature that is exclusive to Minecraft’s Bedrock edition, players must be using it to create them. 

Players on Bedrock will be able make tipped bows in Minecraft by filling up cauldrons with a potion, and then clicking the right-click button to use the arrows. 

This will tip the arrow in any potion in the cauldron to create tipped Arrows. However, this will not make you tipped arrows. You will need to have a potions and cauldron to use the potions with arrows.

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You will need seven iron inggots, placed in the pattern above, to create a cauldron. After you have made the cauldron, you will need to place it on the ground. 

Once you’re done, grab your arrows and make them with the materials below.

  • One Stick – From wood planks, you can make sticks.
  • One Flint – mining gravel can get you flint. 
  • One feather – You can get chicken feathers.

These materials should be placed starting with flint. Next, put the stick and feather. Once you have made the arrows, click the right-click on the cauldron to make tipped arrows.

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