Minecraft: How to make Poison Arrows in Minecraft?

Minecraft: How to make Poison Arrows in Minecraft?

You will need one potion or lingering potion to make poison arrows in Minecraft. Once you have all the ingredients, you can place the potion of lingering poison and the arrows in a crafting table following the pattern in the image.

However, before you can create arrows in Minecraft, you’ll need to first go through the steps for making Lingering Potion to Poison. You can start with the arrows by using the following materials.

  • One Stick – You can make sticks out of wood planks.
  • One Flint – mining gravel can get you flint. 
  • One feather – Chickens can give you feathers.

Start with the flint, then move on to the stick, and finally feather to make arrows. It’s simple and straightforward, right? 

Now comes the hard part: the potion. You will need to make a regular poison potion. This requires one netherwart, one spider eye and one water container. To power a brewing station, you will also need blaze dust.

You will need to visit the Nether to obtain a netherwart and blaze powder. You can find nether warts in the farms of nether fortresses. Blaze powder can also be made from blaze rods that you get from the same fortresses.

You will need to kill a spider to make the spider eye. To increase the chance of monster items falling, we recommend using an enchanted sword with looting. After you have collected all the items you need, you can place them in the brewing stand. 

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After the potion has been cooked, place the new poison in a brewing stand with one redstone dust. 

The next step is to take the potion and make a splash poison potion. Now, take the splash potion you just made and put it in the brewing vessel with one potention of dragon’s breathe. 

Dragon’s breath, a rare item, can only be collected from an ender dragon holding a water bottle as it inhales its purple flames.

Bring a couple of water bottles to help you fight the ender Dragon if you don’t already. You will be able to complete the Minecraft poison arrow recipe.

To make a poisonous lingering potion, you can add dragon’s breath to the recipe. This potion can be used to make poisoned arrows. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the guide.

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