Minecraft: How to make Explosive Arrows in Minecraft (All Platforms)

Minecraft: How to make Explosive Arrows in Minecraft (All Platforms)

You will need commands to make explosive arrows with Minecraft. There is no explosive arrows item that players can craft. 

You will need to use command blocks in Minecraft to create explosive arrows.

Starting with Java, you will need to first give yourself a command block by typing or copying and pasting give @p command_block in Minecraft.

This will open a command block. Place it on the ground and then right-click to open the command block menu.

The tab console command will appear in the command blockmenu. This section will contain the following command. Copy and paste it 

  • @e[type=arrow,nbt={inGround:1b}]Run summon tnt

After entering the command, you can create another command block. Hold shift while placing it on top. 

Once the new command block has been placed, you can open it and copy the following command into the console command section.

  • /kill @e[type=arrow,nbt={inGround:1b}]

Once you have both command blocks in your possession, activate the command block by placing a lever on it marked with the red box in this image.

By doing so, arrows from a crossbow or bow will produce an explosion effect that is similar to TNT in Java Minecraft. 

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Explosive Arrows

Although Minecraft Bedrock Edition makes explosive arrows a little differently to Java, the first step is the same. You can start by giving yourself a command block. Type /give @s command._block. 

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Redstone repeaters and a Redstone comparator are also required. You can make them or use creative mode. 

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Place all the materials, then the first block. In the command block input tab, paste the following command in the first block.

  • #eTest[type=arrow] 

You should also ensure that the following settings are set for your first command block.

  • Block Type: Repeat
  • Condition: Unconditional
  • Redstone is always active

Place the command block and its command on the Redstone comparator. Next, place two repeaters and the Redstone comparator on the opposite side. Then, place another command block. If you don’t want to be creative, you may have to type /give @s block again. 

In the second commandblock, copy the following command and paste it in the tab.

  • Use @e[type=arrow] ~~~ summon tnt_minecart ~~~ mincraft:on_instant_prime

The following settings should be applied to the second command-block:

After you have finished setting up the second command-block, place another Redstone repeater next to it and another command block. All of them should look exactly like the above image. 

The following command should be entered in the Command Input Tab.

  • Kill @e[type=arrow]

The following settings should be applied to the last command-block:

  • Block Type: Impulse
  • Condition: Unconditional
  • Redstone: Redstone is needed

After you’ve placed the last block, you can give arrows from a bow or crossbow an explosion effect similar TNT in Minecraft. 

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Side note: You can add extra particle effects to your explosive arrows by placing another command block. 

Place another command block on top and hold shift. Then, paste the following command in the input block tab. 

  • Use @e[type=arrow] ~~~ particle Minecraft:lava_particle ~~~
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As usual, ensure that the block has these settings.

  • Block Type: Repeat
  • Condition: Unconditional
  • Redstone: Always Active

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