How To Make Concrete & Concrete Powder in Minecraft

How To Make Concrete & Concrete Powder in Minecraft

This easy-to-follow guide shows you how to create concrete in Minecraft in different colors. In this step-by-step process, we’ll show you how-to easily craft Concrete Powder in sixteen different colors and turn it into hardened Concrete.

How to Make Concrete

Concrete is a strong and vibrant building material that will give your Minecraft projects a unique look. Concrete comes in many colors and won’t catch fire like Wool. Concrete blocks are also harder than Stone, but they have lower blast resistance.

Step 1: Select Your Dye

Before we can start to create Concrete, we must decide which color we want. Concrete can be any one of sixteen Dye options available in Minecraft: red or orange, yellow, green and lime, cyan light blue, blue-purple, magenta pink, brown, grey, light gray, or white. Crafting, smelting and trading are all ways to obtain dye.

Step 2: Craft Concrete Powder

To start off, we’ll need to create some Concrete Powder. Concrete Powder can also be created in a Crafting Table by using four blocks made of Sand, four blocks made of Gravel, one Dye and one of any other color. Concrete Powder is a different crafting recipe. Each component can be placed in any of the nine squares, in any order. Here’s an example:

Step 3: Turning Concrete Powder Into Concrete

Concrete Powder is formed when it comes into contact water. This can be achieved with either a source block, or flowing water. The Concrete Powder is simply placed next to water. It’s now hardened concrete!

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Additional Information

  • Concrete must be mined using a pickaxe, or the block will be destroyed.
  • Concrete Powder is similar to Sand and Gravel. Concrete Powder obeys gravity and falls if there’s nothing below. Concrete that has been hardened behaves like any other solid block, and it will not fall if there is nothing below.
  • Concrete will not be hardened by water from rain, cauldrons or water bottles.