How-to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How-to Make a Shield in Minecraft

This Minecraft: How to Make a Shield guide provides a quick review of the required recipes to create a shield. This is an extremely useful piece of equipment if you are going into caves, tunnels, or other potentially dangerous areas of the map. Don’t forget to bring a shield with you if you plan on going to the Nether and further afield.

Shield Recipe

All you need is six wooden planks, of any kind, and an iron bar. Once you have that all gathered, go to your Crafting TablePlace the wooden planks in an Y-shaped shape and add the iron bar to the middle. This should make it look like this.

This is all you need to make a shield. Now you can equip it in the left-handed slot, where your equipment can be placed.

Customizing Your Shield

A banner can be added to your shield to give it a unique look. You can find and create banners. To make the banner stand out, you can dye the wool you used to create it. Here is the recipe for making a banner.

There are many banners available all over the globe. They come in different designs and can really add style to your shield!

  • Black Banner – Woodland Mansions
  • Brown Banner – Outside houses, meeting places, and in savanna communities
  • Gray Banner – Woodland Mansions
  • Light Gray Banner – Woodland Mansions
  • Magenta Banner — Outside of End Cities
  • Ominous/Illager Banner Raid Captains or Pillager Posts

Simply place your shield and banner together to combine them!

Repairing Your Shield

There are two options for repairing a shield. Combining two damaged shields together will result in one repaired shield. Anvils can also be used, but require planks.

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Shield Enchantments

Only three enchantments are currently available for shields, and two are quite good!

  • Unbreaking III – This is a must-have for all your armor, weapons, and shields. It increases the likelihood that your item will last longer if it isn’t used. Your item’s durability is less likely to be damaged if you have a higher Unbreaking ranking.
  • Mending I – If your item is of reduced durability, you can restore it by collecting an Experience Orb.
  • Curse of Vanishing I: This one isn’t so useful. It just makes it so that the item that is enchanted disappears upon death.