Minecraft: How-to Make a Saddle – Finding a Saddle for Your Horse, Pig, Donkey, or Mule!

Minecraft: How-to Make a Saddle – Finding a Saddle for Your Horse, Pig, Donkey, or Mule!

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to find a Saddle in Minecraft. A saddle is necessary to ride your horse, donkey, donkey or mule. It can be difficult to get around the game, but once you have a trusted animal, it will become much easier.

How to Make a Saddle

You can’t make one. It’s strange, I know. In a game you can create a portal to another dimension, but you cannot make a saddle. You can only get one by fishing, trading, fighting a Ravager, or finding them in a chest.

How to Find a Saddle

We will go over all the possible ways to find a saddle. These are not all easy, so choose the one that is easiest for you.

Step 1: Chest

In Minecraft, there are many chests that can be found throughout the map. These chests may contain a saddle. A saddle can be found in Stronghold Altar Chests or Village Weaponsmith Chests. This is the easiest method, with a high probability of spawning one from each chest. The Nether Fortress Chest and Dungeon Chest offer the best chance of spawning one.

Step 2: Go fishing

If fishing is something you enjoy, you might be able to fish up a Saddle and make it a treasure. The odds of you finding what you’re looking for are slim. However, you can enhance your chances of finding it by using the Luck of the Sea enchantment on your Fishing Rod. While this isn’t the best way of finding a Saddle though, it could be if your fishing trips include a lot.

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Step 4: Trade with Villagers

A third-tier trading option for leatherworkers is to sell them one. They can charge around 8-10emeralds. A Master-Level Leatherworker will almost always have one and it will only take 6 emeralds to buy one!

Step 4: Slay a Ravager

A Ravager is the fourth and final way to get a saddle. Ravagers are a new addition to this game. They are hostile monsters who will attack you at your location. They can inflict a lot of damage and are quite formidable foes.

To fight a Ravager, you’ll need trigger a Raid. To achieve this effect, you will need to have the Bad Omen status effect. To obtain the Bad Omen effect, you will need to kill an Illager captain. These can be found in Pillager Outposts and Illager Patrols. Once you have the effect you will need to enter the Village boundaries. You’ll be able to start the Raid. The Ravager will spawn if you make it to wave 3. There’s a high chance that the Ravager will give you the Saddle if you defeat them.

What Animals Can I Ride on?

You have the Saddle. What do you put it on? The Saddle can be placed on any horse, donkey, pony, or mule. After training them, you can ride the Mule, Donkey, or Horse normally. However, the Pig will require more encouragement.

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You’ll need a Carrot on the Stick to get your Pig moving in the desired direction. Put the Saddle on the Pig. Then take out the Carrot on the Stick. The Pig will follow the direction that the carrot is facing, regardless of which direction it is facing.