How to Make and Use a Painting in Minecraft – Painting Door & Custom Painting!

How to Make and Use a Painting in Minecraft – Painting Door & Custom Painting!

Paintings have been in Minecraft since Beta, and they have, quite honestly, always been confusing as to how to use them properly (at least at first). Pro Game Guide can help you create and place them so you get the painting you want. We’ll also show you how to make a painting into a hidden door,  as well as how to create a custom painting!

How to Make and Use Minecraft Paintings


Paintings are easy to make and require little effort. Here are the necessary resources:

  • 8 x Sticks
  • 1 x Wool (Anycolor)

These resources are usually available early in-game. You might be able get these resources if you spawn near a sheep. Once you have the materials, you can follow this recipe to create a painting.

If you are unable to view the image, we will explain the pattern using text. Place the wool on the center of the board. Next, place a stick in each space. Once you have the wool placed in the center of the board, you will be able to create a painting.


The odd thing about paintings in Minecraft is that the same item is used for every painting, no matter the size. It may seem strange at first how you place the painting to create the right one. It’s not difficult to understand once you learn the basics of how it works.

Unfortunately, you can’t force the size of the paintings, only which one. You can however break the painting and attempt again to obtain the exact painting you desire, if necessary.

Once placed, the game will identify the largest painting it could make within the allotted space and then create a random painting. The sizes range from 1 block by 1 block to 4 blocks by 4 blocks. Below are images of every painting that is available. They are separated by size.

1×1 Paintings : Seven paintings are made from 1×1 blocks. These images measure 16×16 pixels.

Two-by-One Paintings: Five paintings are two-by-1 blocks. These images are 32×16 pixels.

1×2 Paintings These images are 16×32 pixels.

Two-by-two Paintings: Six paintings are two-by-2 blocks. These images measure 32×32 pixels.

4×2 Paintings This image measures 64×32 pixels.

4×3 Paintings These images measure 64×48 pixels.

4×4 Paintings : Three paintings are 4×4 blocks. These images measure 64×64 pixels.

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It is important to keep in mind that paintings will reach their maximum size at the bottom left. When determining the amount of space for a painting, it is important to assume that you will place it at the bottom right of the location where the painting will be. It will measure from this point to determine the size of the painting it should spawn.

You can place an image that is a specific size on a wall made of blocks. If you wish to place a painting that is 2 by 1 Blocks in size, you’d place it against a wall of blocks one block high and two blocks wide. You would place a painting that is 4 by 4 blocks on a wall made of four by four blocks.

If the wall is exactly the size of the painting it will choose that size. It will not randomly place smaller paintings. Instead, it will always place the largest possible painting.

How to make a secret painting doorway

You can create a secret entranceway with your paintings. To make this work, you will need to start with a regular doorway. You can use one or two doors to do this, but they must be open for you to place your painting. Place your painting next to the doorway opening.

If you have a larger painting than your doorway, you can place it to the left of the door. It will then cover the doorway. You can place the painting directly on the door if you don’t want it to cover the entire door.

This is the view from the other side of the secret doorway. As long as the door remains open, you can move freely between the painting and the doorway. The painting will be destroyed if the door is taken out or damaged.

How to Create a Custom Painting

Follow along to learn how you can create your own Minecraft painting!

Step 1: Create a resource pack

Before you can create your own painting, you will need to create a resource package. You can modify textures, sounds, models and many other aspects of the game with resource packs.

Navigate to the “resourcepacks” folder from within your “.minecraft” folder. Name your new folder whatever you like. My Custom_Paintings folder was my example. In this folder, create a document called “pack.mcmeta.” It is important that you label this document correctly with the.mcmeta extension.

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Type exactly the following in the text document:

{ “pack”: { “pack_format”: 5, “description”: “Custom Paintings” } }

You can place your name or whatever you want to label the area that says “Custom Paintings”. Navigate to the Resource Packs section of Minecraft. These can be found clicking “Options” then “Resource Packages” as shown below.

Your custom resource package should appear on the left. To move your custom resource pack over to the right under “Selected Resource Packs”, click on the triangular Arrow.

After you click “Done”, your resource pack is loaded into the game.

Step 2: Find your new painting image

Did you ever notice the sizes of the paintings? This information is crucial when creating your customized image. You are replacing one of 26 paintings by creating your own image. You must first decide the size of the painting that you want to replace. If you choose to replace the ID “pointer”, which is a 4×4, with your own image, you will need to ensure that it is at least a 1:1 ratio. Or, you can stick to the original 64×64 pixels.

In my case, I found an image measuring 64×64 pixels on pixelartmaker. This website can be used to create your image. Or, you may use any image provided it can be converted into the correct ratio.

Once you’ve finished your image, you will need to save it in a certain way. Depending on the painting you want to replace, the name of the image will be the painting’s ID and the extension.png. We will name our new image “pointer.png” in this example.

Step 3: Placing Your Custom Image Into Your Resource Pack

Next, create a series folders. Create a folder called “assets” in “Custom_Paintings”, or whatever name you choose for your resource pack folder. In the folder “assets”, create a folder called minecraft. In this folder, create a folder named “textures.” Then, in the same folder create a “textures” folder and a “painting” folder.

This is where you will insert your custom image. If everything went according to plan, your image should appear in-game as you create a painting at that size.

This custom painting is only visible to players who are playing in a shared Minecraft Realm. The original “pointer” painting will not be visible to other players unless they follow these steps.

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