How to Make and Use a Sign in Minecraft

How to Make and Use a Sign in Minecraft

Signs were the first object that could be made customizable. Minecraft These features have been available since beta. New features were added to improve the experience, such as the ability to add accents or colors to your text. Today, we’ll show you how to make the sign and give you some suggestions for editing it.

How to make and use Minecraft signs


A sign can be made in a matter of minutes and requires very little effort. We will cover that first, for those who just came to this site looking for the crafting instructions. These resources are required to create a sign.

  • 6 x Wooden Planks
  • 1 x Stick

It’s made only of different wood types, so signs can be found very early on in the game. If you’re quick you can even create one in less time than 30 seconds from the moment that you spawn. Signs are not useful in single-player games. Signs can be used to add immersion to your game world. The image below illustrates the crafting instructions for each sign based on the type of wood plank used.

All Minecraft sign recipes.All Minecraft sign recipes.


Signs are placed like any other block — by using the secondary action button. If placed on a side block, they will face you.

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To edit the text on the sign you need to be looking at it. Make sure its hitbox is highlighted and then press the secondary action button. You can edit the text in four rows from there. You can’t change the text after you’ve completed typing the message on the sign.

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Text in Color

A spruce Minecraft sign with yellow text.A spruce Minecraft sign with yellow text.

  • Java: You can only edit the colors of a sign by using commands. Apply Dye. This can be done by using the secondary action button while the dye is in your hand. Once the dye is applied, the color you see on the sign will be the same as the dye.
  • Bedrock: You can apply colors to text by entering the format code § Before the text. Below are examples of such a situation.

§1mHello DisplaysHello

§4Goodbye DisplaysGoodbye

This is it!

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