Minecraft: How-to Breed Turtles – Babies, Scutes, and Hatching Eggs!

Minecraft: How-to Breed Turtles – Babies, Scutes, and Hatching Eggs!

Our guide will show you how to breed turtles in Minecraft! Our guide will walk you through the steps of creating little babies, hatching them, and luring the adults turtles in. Turtles release the valuable scute, which can be used for making a Turtle Helmet.

How to Find Turtles

Turtles can spawn in the Overworld at beaches, but they won’t spawn in colder weather or on stone shores. Sometimes you can find them in groups, or even with their babies.

Minecraft Turtle Breeding

To make this possible, you will need two turtles. You will then need to put the turtles on some sand. You can then feed the seagrass to your turtles once they are placed together on the sand. They will be able to see hearts above their heads and will move closer together. After they have completed the turtle dance, if they are successful in mating you will see an experienced bubble pop out. One of them will begin digging in the sand shortly after. After some digging, you will find a turtle egg!

The only problem with all this is that turtles won’t lay eggs on their “home” beach. This is the beach where they were born or that you are closest to when you find them. To have turtles around your house, you will have to take the eggs. You will need the Silk Touch enchantment-enchanted pickaxe to do this.

To breed them again, you’ll need to wait around five minutes.

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Hatching Turtle Eggs

They can take a while for eggs to hatch so don’t be discouraged. They also hatch only at night. They attract evil Zombies, which is the biggest problem with eggs. You should either fence them in or double stack blocks to keep Zombies from trampling them.

Baby Turtles

You can now give your babies seagrass to accelerate their growth. You can give a turtle 10 scutes of seagrass and you will get an adult. The baby will lose 1 scute when it makes the transition to adulthood. You can make a turtle shell helmet by collecting five of these scutes. You’ll have 10 seconds more underwater breathing if you wear the helmet.

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