Cool Minecraft Houses – Ideas for your next Build!

Cool Minecraft Houses – Ideas for your next Build!

Let’s take a look at some Minecraft house ideas to inspire your next project! We have a wide range of easy and complex homes for you to choose from. It’s fun to do your own thing, but it’s also helpful to look at what others have done to get some ideas and make your own.

Amazing Tree House

Image via Mumbo Jumbo

Who doesn’t love a good tree house? This idea is very appealing to us. Although we’ve never actually built one, it would be possible in Minecraft. We love the lanterns that hang from the deck. It gives the tree a more natural and friendly feel. Mumbo is also a master at keeping the tree’s natural look and adding functionality. This build even has a secret underground area, where Mumbo can indulge in all manner of redstone shenanigans.

Small Modern House

Image via TSMC

You can go far beyond the norm if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone. modern routeIt has great potential. This house will be a stumbling block in Minecraft. However, if you are on a server with more city-based worlds, you might fit in well. This house fits our taste. This design avoids any kind of roofing and has clean lines. The black and white colors are used to give the design a modern, classic, yet clean look. You can create a visual divide by using the center vertical area.

Advanced Starter House

Image via TheMythicalSausage

This is an example of a beautiful little starter houseThis is an excellent way to create something homey, but more sophisticated than the five-by-5 cube you might have. This build is all-encompassing and includes a place for animals and farming, as well all of the basic necessities that you will need to play Survival Mode. You might like the screenshot. Minecraft ShadersYou can also have stunning lighting effects and cloud effects by posting!

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Beach House

Image via Shock Frost

Beach housesThis is one of our favourite builds. The gazebo overlooks the ocean. To keep the imaginary ocean waters from entering your home, it is worth floating it a few feet above the sand. The playful rug gives the gazebo a beach feel. The video below shows you how to make it.

Brick House

Image via TSMC

Brick is a great choice if you are looking for a traditional feel to your home but with a less rustic feel. This two-story houseThis is the perfect choice if you want to keep it simple but stylish. This design allows you to have a lot of fun with your yard. The trap door design used to create the flower box in front of their house is very appealing. The staircases on the left are a unique feature that adds a functional element to this design.

Underwater Modern House

Image via TSMC

Do you want to live like SpongeBob’s life? This is not the exact same thing, but it will be like living under the ocean! This is beautiful! modern house that’s submerged underwater. The water was removed from the interior so that they could live underneath the sea without getting soaked by the furniture. It is two stories high and has a glass ladder/elevator that allows you to return to the surface without getting soaked. You can also build it on land if you don’t want to go through the trouble of building under water. It’s a wonderful house, no matter if it’s in the water.

Large Modern House

Image via Shock Frost

You want to impress your friends by impressing them with a modern houseThis is the place we’d choose. This house is large and features all the clean lines you want when designing a house such as this. The modern house has many windows that let in lots of natural sunlight. This house is an example of that. The design includes a pool and a private outdoor area. This is a great house that anyone can live a modern life.

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Small Japanese House

Image via TSMC

This design is a great choice. It’s completely different than everything else. This is the perfect design to switch up your usual style. small Japanese houseDesign is a great way of doing it. This might not be the best option for you if you are playing Survival. However, you can still use many of these ideas to improve your build. The deck is beautiful and the roofing adds a lot of style. You can expand on the deck with these design principles and create something completely new.

Mangrove Swamp Starter House

Image via Phoenix

This version uses many elements of the 1.19 Update. Mangrove Swamp Starter HouseThis gives players the option of a lush aesthetic for their builds. The combination of red and brown works well with the surroundings and blends into the swamp. We chose this home because it was much simpler than it appears and has a lot of space for a starter home. If you are looking for a house in a swampy area, this is the one to try.

Frog Enclosure

Image via ItsMarloe

Are you not up for building your own house? This super detailed guide will help you. Frog Enclosure tutorialYou can create your own ecosystem. To create the ideal environment for frogs, vines, lilypads and reeds are placed around a sunken lake. This build requires a lot of skill, but it is possible to do by anyone who has done some landscaping work in the past. For those looking for new ideas, this build uses several assets from Minecraft The Wild.

Do not forget to add some Minecraft ModsYou can make some changes to the building process. You might find some of these houses best in different locations. Minecraft SeedsYou should match your surroundings with them.

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