Minecraft Earth Will Be Unavailable Past July 2021

Minecraft Earth Will Be Unavailable Past July 2021

Mojang just published an article on its official website today announcing that Minecraft Earth will receive its final update and that support for the title will stop in July 2021.

Mojang also announced today that the final update for Minecraft Earth would be released. To make sure that players enjoy their remaining time with Minecraft Earth, the update will include a variety of changes. Mojang later explained in detail the changes made to the game with the update.

  • Real-world currency transactions will be eliminated.
  • Ruby prices will be cut.
  • All content, both completed and not yet released, will be added.
  • This will reduce the time required for crafting and smelting.
  • Unused crafting & smelting boosts will be replaced with radius boosts of the same level.
  • Sign up between January 5th & July 30th to receive a set creator items.

Mojang said at the end that all development and support for this game would cease on July 30th. Players won’t have the ability to download or play the game after that date. Minecraft Earth; If you’re looking to spend some final moments with the game, this is the right time.

Mojang announced the official end date for support. They also said that all players who spent money or purchased items with rubies would receive Minecoins. This can be used on the Mojang website. Minecraft marketplace.

You can read more about this news in the article Mojang made hereIf you would like to learn more about Mojang’s shutting down process, please click here Minecraft EarthThey are a FAQWith a lot of questions and answers already listed. 

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