Minecraft Complete Villager Trading Guide and Jobs

Minecraft Complete Villager Trading Guide and Jobs

Because of their trade, villager in Minecraft is one of the most reliable sources of items. Due to 13 professions available to villagers, they have the opportunity to spawn.

A villager who has the prerequisite block near their bed will “claim” that block and take up the occupation associated with it. A villager who has a job or a profession can be traded using emeralds and other items.

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Villager Profession Level

Villagers are able to choose between five levels of each profession: Novice Apprentice, Journeyman Expert, Expert and Master. You have more trade options if you are a villager at the highest level. Trade is the best way to increase a villager’s trading potential. The more villagers trade, the more experience they will have.

Villager Profession/Job Listing and Trading Items

ProfessionJob BlockAppearancePossible Trading itemsArmorerBlast FurnaceNoviceIron HelmetIron ChestplateIron LeggingsIron BootsApprenticeBellChainmail LeggingsChainmail BootsJourneymanChainmail HelmetChainmail ChestplateShieldExpertDiamond LegginsDiamond BootsMasterDiamond HelmetDiamond ChestplateButcherSmokerNoviceRabbit StewApprenticeCooked RabbitCooked ChickenCooked PorkchopCooked MuttonJourneymanCooked BeefCartographerCartography TableNovice Empty MapApprenticeOcean Explorer MapJourneymanWoodland Explorer MapExpertItem FrameBlank BannerMasterFlower Charge Banner PatternField Masoned Banner PatternBordure Indented Banner PatternClericBrewing StandNoviceRedstone DustApprenticeLapisJourneymanGlowstoneExpertEnder PearlMasterBottle o’ EnchantingFarmerComposterNoviceBreadApprenticePumpkin PieAppleJourneymanCookieExpertSuspicious StewCakeMasterGolden CarrotGlistening MelonFishermanBarrelNoviceBucket of CodCooked CodApprenticeCampfireCooked SalmonJourneymanEnchanted Fishing RodFletcherFletching TableNoviceArrowFlintApprenticeBowJourneymanCrossbowExpertEnchanted BowMasterEnchanted CrossbowTipped ArrowsLeatherworkerCauldronNoviceLeather PantsLeather TunicApprenticeLeather CapLeather BootsJourneymanEnchanted Leather Tunic ExpertLeather Horse ArmorMasterEnchanted Leather CapSaddleLibrarianLecternNovice BookshelfEnchanted BookApprenticeLanternEnchanted Book Level 2JourneymanGlassEnchanted Book Level 3ExpertCompassClockEnchanted Book Level 4MasterName TagMasonStonecutterNoviceBrickApprenticeChiseled Stone BricksJourneymanPolished StoneExpertTerracottaMasterQuartzShepherd LoomNoviceShearsApprenticeColored WoolColored CarpetJourneymanBedExpertBannerMasterPaintingToolsmith Smithing TableNoviceStone AxeStone PickaxeStone ShovelStone hoeApprenticeBellJourneymanIron AxeIron PickaxeIron ShovelDiamond HoeExpertDiamond AxeDiamond ShovelMasterDiamond PickaxeWeaponsmith GrindstoneNoviceIron AxeApprenticeEnchanted Iron SwordJourneymanBellExpertEnchanted Diamond AxeMasterEnchanted Diamond Sword

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You will receive Emeralds from all traders in exchange for items that they use in their work. These trades can be unfair, however.

It is important to keep in mind that the trades offered by villager are not necessarily random. Some of the trades you might be interested in are not listed. You will need to put a new block in order to obtain new trades. Sometimes, new trades can be generated by villagers who have never been traded with.

Villager Price Changes

The price of the items villager sells fluctuates depending on many factors. The price of an item can affect the price chance. The prices of items will change the more you trade them with villages. You can expect to pay more for items you purchase from villagers if they sell out.

All prices can be reduced when you defeat Raids and get the “Hero of the Village” buff. If you cure a zombie villager, prices can be reduced. This is a great way to score amazing deals!

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