Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Announced!

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Announced!

Minecraft Live finally gave us an answer to our prayers. Minecraft Caves & Cliffs is the update and will bring new enhancements to both mountain and caves. This update was highly requested by players so they should be happy about the announcement.

We don’t know much about the update, but we are eager to hear more from Minecraft Live developers. As soon as we learn more, we’ll update this post. You can see what Mojang has to say about it via the Minecraft Live stream.

New System: Archaeology

The game will add a new mechanic called Archaeology. You will find excavating sites throughout the world. With a new tool called the toothbrush, you can dust off the dirt to find different pieces and pottery. These pieces can then be used to create clay pots using the art found at the dig sites.

Minecraft archaeology potsMinecraft archaeology pots

Bundle: A New Item

This is a great addition to the game if you find your inventory constantly full. It is possible to create a bag in which you can store your items. This will save space in the inventory.

Minecraft Bundle exampleMinecraft Bundle example

New Item: Lightning Rod

A Lightning Rod is a great way to stop a roof from becoming too flammable. The lightning will hit the rod and not ignite your roof.

New Resources

Amethyst Geodes are what you will find in the updated caves. These geodes will be very rare but once you find them, they will glow purple in the cave. These geodes are only allowed to grow as part of the special amethyst blocks, which can’t be moved from the place it was spawned. To collect them, you’ll need to keep track where they are located.

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Amethyst Geodes in MinecraftAmethyst Geodes in Minecraft

To create the Telescope soon to be completed, you can use the geodes!

Minecraft TelescopeMinecraft Telescope

Copper will be a new resource required by the Telescope. Mining can produce different blocks that can be used to create new builds. Copper that is placed in your world will gradually turn green as it ages. This is just like copper in real-life.

Minecraft Copper exampleMinecraft Copper example

Bigger Mountains

The cliffs section of the update will bring new mountain generation. These will be snowier and there will be a new powdered-snow block. This new block is kind of a trap. If you or a mob step onto it, it will cause you to fall through it.

Larger mountain biome in MinecraftLarger mountain biome in Minecraft

Goats are a new animal

You will see the new Goats spawning in those mountains! Be careful, though, as they may charge at you if you try to mess with them!

Minecraft GoatsMinecraft Goats

New Mob: Warden

This mob will appear in the Deep Dark Biome. It is the first blind mob added to the game. Warden is attracted to sound. You can fool it by making noises, throwing snowballs, and so on. It’s very similar to the Sculk Sensors, which will be part of this biome.

Deep Biome Update

This biome is going to exist at the bottom of the planet. Sculk Growths will be found in this biome. A new block, the Sculk Sensor will be available. This will sense if a block has been placed and detect footsteps. The sensor will not be activated if a wool block is placed next to it. This sensor can also make a wireless redstone detector. It will trigger and emit the signal, which can then be wirelessly sent to another Sculk Sensor.

Minecraft Sculk GrowthsMinecraft Sculk Growths

Improved Cave Generation

Caves are known for their ability to produce a lot more than they used to. To reach wide open areas, you will find underground lakes that can be swum through. You will also find naturally created waterfalls in these caves. You could even cave raft if you so desired!

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Minecraft Cave Rafting exampleMinecraft Cave Rafting example

Here are some examples of how caves might generate electricity. It is important to know that ores will not glow once this goes live. This is only shown to make the cave visible so you can view it.

Minecraft Cave Generation exampleMinecraft Cave Generation example

New Biomes

You will find the Dripstone Caves as a new biome while exploring these newly created caves. You’ll find the stalagmites or stalactites you have been looking for. These can be knocked down from the top of the cavern and will fall and break. They will do damage to you and your enemies if they touch the ground.

Minecraft Dripstone Caves biomeMinecraft Dripstone Caves biome

Lush Caves is a new biome you might see. These include a variety of vegetation and hanging grapevines. It will be easy to feel like you are in a cave where the plants have taken control. A new Azealia Tree will be visible in the Overworld. This will signal to the player there is a Lush Cave Biome, if you look down at the location of the tree!

This biome will give you a closer look at the vines and plant life.

Glow Berries are the glowing gold berries that grow on the vine. These can be harvested and eaten if you wish.

New Plants

The Drip Leaf Plant is one of the many interesting new plants that will be added to this update. They can be grown from water and can vary in height. There is a flattop that you can use to platform them. If you are unable to stand on the surface for too long it will begin to tilt downwards. This will eventually lead you to fall through. For those who love to map, this will be quite amazing!

Minecraft Dripleaf PlantMinecraft Dripleaf Plant