Minecraft: Best Ways to Get XP (2021)

Minecraft: Best Ways to Get XP (2021)

The Best Ways to Get XP in Minecraft Guide explains the most popular ways to get experience in the game. These options are not glitch-free, but they work within the guidelines of survival gameplay. You will need a reliable method to earn XP if you want to repair or enchant your items.

What does XP do?

The majority of experience is used for enchanting. This allows you to add more properties to your weapons, armor, and tools. You can also spend XP on anvils to repair or upgrade any of the above-mentioned items. To enchant, you need to have the most experience and be of high level. Farming XP is a great way to increase your enchantment level and maximize all of your items.

The Best Ways to Get Minecraft XP

These are the top ways to get XP in the game. Some of these methods can be dangerous so make sure you choose the one that suits your play style.

Breeding animals

This is one of the most safe and easy ways to farm XP in Minecraft. To be able to breed all the animals you need, however, you’ll need to prepare a little bit.

Once your vegetable and wheat farm is producing, you will need to lure at least two of the following animals into your base: Sheeps and Pigs, Chickens, Cows and Sheeps. The following foods can be used to lure the animals. Make a lot of fencing. You will need to make a small area for each type of animal (with a gate), that is approximately 15×15 or greater. Once you have this done, it’s time to start the breeding process. Here’s a list that will help you determine what food each animal needs to be bred.

  • Chickens: The seeds (Wheat or Beetroot, Melon, Pumpkin, or Malon)
  • Cows and Wheat
  • Pigs: Potatoes, Carrots, or Beetroots
  • Sheeps eat wheat
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Take the animals to each of your four pens and breed them. Although this will give you the XP that you desire, it may take some time. Once you have done them all, continue to do them until you get a message saying that the animals cannot breed. You will need to get to all the pens to kill the animals that cannot breed once you have received the message. This will give you additional experience. The baby animals will now become adults. You’ll need to wait until then. You can then repeat the same process, but this time you will have more animals, and more XP. Continue doing this until you have all the experience you need.

Mine Nether Quartz

You’ll be entering the Nether, which is a risky undertaking. This is the fastest way to gain experience if you have the stomach for it. You can find blocks in the Nether once you’ve entered it. This is Nether Quartz, and it can be mined for a lot of experience points. It’s easy to find a lot of it, so make sure to harvest the most and stay safe. When you’re running around in The Nether, mark your route. It’s easy to get lost.

Slay Pigmen

Although this is another Nether farm it can be a good way to get more XP. Get a group of Pigmen to make your home in the Nether. Although they are passive at first, if you attack them all, they will follow you. To avoid getting killed, stack at least three blocks below you. Although you can reach them with a sword, they are unable to reach you. You can shoot them with your bow to get them in the face, then you can slash at them until they’re all dead. If you don’t have a great diamond sword, it might be worth bringing a lot of other swords.

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Enderman Farm

This could be seen as a problem, and I’d understand if that was the case. This is a great way for you to gain lots of experience quickly. However, to make it work you’ll need to design a complex contraption. Also, you must have been to The End to defeat the Ender Dragon. To create the farm, you must have fulfilled these requirements.

Monster Spawner Farm

You can create a monster-spawner farm if you haven’t reached The End yet. First, you will need to locate the monster spawning blocks. But once you do this, you can build around them and become a very powerful xp farmer. Although it takes quite a while to construct, it is well worth the effort if you have a lot of experience with enchanting.