Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds 1.18 (July 2022)

Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds 1.18 (July 2022)

You’re currently playing Minecraft on Xbox One, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile. It is important for many players to have a Minecraft world with a wide range of resources or lots of beauty. Our seeds listed below are picked because they provide fascinating, resourceful, or beautiful worlds—or all three!

Minecraft Bedrock Seeds Liste

The Shortlist

  • Crater Mountain Island 162712994
  • King of Bedrock 1663935988
  • Mountain Faceoff: 8624896
  • Coralush Cave 599282705
  • The Cliffside Mansion: +1834441039
  • Civilization Five and Six: 2019763973
  • The Goodlands: +78688046
  • The D&D Dream: 1613969106
  • Pike’s Peak: -1465919862
  • Dry Heat: -826006579

Best 1.18 Seeds

Crater Mountain Island

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 162712994

This island is large and contains a single village, which is well-placed between two huge mountain craters. Some might find it difficult to climb the mountain craters that make up the entire island. Others might view this island as the ideal location for a villain’s lair. It can be used to secure a base and provide ample resources for you to build an elevated home. Buried Treasure is another great option! You will find more than 50 on this incredible island spawn.

  • Important Locations
    • Village: -296 200
    • Ruined Portal – 600 24
    • Shipwreck: 248 104
    • Buried Treasure: 56 56
    • Buried Treasure: -56 24

King of Bedrock

Screenshot from

Seed: 1663935988

The Woodland Mansion, which is located just 500 blocks from the spawn, is found in this seed. You might find this seed is in contention for your permanent home once you settle there. There are 2k blocks within spawn that you can find almost every Overworld biome as well as every Overworld structure, except Igloos. We also mentioned that the Village is located just above a Stronghold, and it’s not far from the Mansion.

  • Important Locations
    • Woodland Mansion: 264616
    • Pillager Outpost: (-792 504)
    • Village: -936 760
    • Village/Stronghold: 824 1320
    • Ocean Monument: 1256.152

Mountain Faceoff

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 8624896

This seed was one of 1.18’s top seeds at the beginning, and it still holds that title. The beautiful ring of mountain peaks and two villages are within walking distance of your spawning area allow you to easily access these two mountainside villages. Two ominous Pillager Outposts are located nearby, which makes for an exciting adventure at the start of the game. But, it’s even more important that every structure and nearly every biome can be found within a few thousand blocks of the spawn. This is the best seed for 1.18!

  • Important Locations
    • Village: -216 -264
    • Village: 232 232
    • Pillager Outpost: (-584 296
    • Pillager Outpost 200 536
    • Ruined Portal: +280 40
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Coralush Cave

Screenshot taken by

Code: 599282705

The seed will spawn you next to a beautiful little oasis that has Coral Reef in its water and multiple-story Lush Caves at the cliffs. This spawn is beautiful and worthy of being your main survival world. However, players who are looking for more Coral Reef will be happy to know that it can be found within 200 blocks. Simply head west (X) to reach it!

  • Important Locations
    • Coralush Cave: North (negative) of the spawn
    • Coral Biome -184 -22
    • Large Ruin (Cluster): -600 72
    • Shipwreck: -648 -200
    • Village: 800 240

The Cliffside Mansion

Screenshot from

Seed: -1834441039

You can enjoy another stunning view from this well-protected Woodland Mansion. It is an excellent example of the bizarre 1.18 world generation mechanics. This Mansion is located at the base a cliff, and some of it has been built into it. You can liberate the Mansion by Illager control and you’ll have a large base to defend on one side.

  • Important Locations
    • Shipwreck #1 24 -184
    • Shipwreck #2, -152 and -184
    • Village: 88 -840
    • Nether Portal: 600 -360
    • Cliff Mansion: (-856) -584

Civilization 5 and 6

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 2019763973

This seed is both a Java or Bedrock seed. You can spawn in 1000 blocks five villages with the Java seed. The Bedrock version spawns in 1000 blocks six villages. A Pillager Outpost is seen looking over the villages, undoubtedly prepping for an attack. A huge snowy biome lies in the opposite direction to the Villages, with many Igloos and other Villages.

  • Important Locations
    • Village #1: 192 80
    • Village #2: -305 272
    • Village #3: -368 -160
    • Village #4: -816 -144
    • Village #5: -944 192
    • Pillager Outpost: 1216 352
    • Ice Biome East (PositiveX)

The Goodlands

Screenshot taken by

Seed: -78688046

This is the best seed we have found so far in Minecraft 1.18. Although it is called the Badlands, the beauty and size of the area where you spawn are amazing. You’ll find large craters that are filled with water, and a Coral Reef at an alcove that divides the Badlands from the Savannah biome.

  • Important Locations
    • Village: -360 -360
    • Abandoned Village: (-872-296).
    • Jungle Temple: 40 696
    • Stronghold: -812 -844
    • Nether Portal 120 -280
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The D&D Dream

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 1613969106

Although it might seem hard to see, there are many things going on in this image preview. You will be able to conceive this seed and you will find yourself in the middle of a Dungeon Masters’ dream world. You will find a long river leading to a port town overlooking the ocean. There are two things near this city: an Outpost as well as a Nether Portal. A small mountain range is visible across the river, while a forest can be found in the opposite direction. This map is easy to use and make an adventure.

  • Important Locations
    • Port City: 40 296
    • Mountain Ranges -430200
    • Outpost #1: 296 392.
    • Outpost #2: (-872 376).
    • Nether Portal: 228 328

Pike’s Peak

Screenshot taken by

Seed: -1465919862

This PE seed is great for creating a new Minecraft world if you prefer to enjoy the view from a mountain than on building it. You will find a village just a few hundred blocks away from spawn. This village contains all the necessary materials to start your adventure up the mountain. Stop at any point along your journey to the mountain. Buried TreasureWhat about along the way?

  • Important Locations
    • Village: -248 -248
    • Jagged Peak: (-333 -666).
    • Ruined Portal: 312 -360
    • Buried Treasure #1 : -248/-120
    • Buried Treasure #2: 248 -184

Wet Heat Dry Heating

Screenshot taken by

Seed: -826006579

You will face scorching temperatures no matter which path you choose. The Jungle biome is a large forest that hosts the spawning area. It has plenty of resources. You have two options: you can take the short hike to the beautiful Badlands biome, or you can go the opposite way to visit a Mushroom island!

  • Important Locations
    • Jungle/Badlands Border: 1300 440
    • Mushroom Island – -710 –75
    • Nether Portal: 328-40
    • Ocean Monument #1 : -456 -424
    • Ocean Monument #2:

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