Minecraft: Animal Breeding Guide – How-To Breed All Animals! (2021)

Minecraft: Animal Breeding Guide – How-To Breed All Animals! (2021)

This quick guide will show you how to breed all the animals in Minecraft. We’ll show how to breed animals and what you need to do so.

The Basics of Breeding Animals

To breed animals in Minecraft you will need to feed each one a different type of food. After the animals are fed, hearts will appear indicating that they are ready to breed. If another animal of the same type is fed, and they are within eight blocks of each others, they will breed and produce a baby.

These two bred animal cannot re-breed for more than five minutes. In most cases, the adult will mature into a baby in twenty minutes. Breeding animals can generate a little XP.

Alphabetical Lists of Animals


Bees love flowers and will follow a player holding one. Any flower will work. You just need to give each bee a flower, and they will reproduce, creating a baby honey bee.


You will need to train them before you can breed cats. Cats can be tamed by giving them raw cod or salmon until they show signs of affection and a collar. Cats are prone to running away from you so it is important to sneak up on them to get to them. Once the cats are calmed, you can feed them fish again. The kitten will automatically be tamed.


You can breed chickens using beetroot, melon, pumpkin, and wheat seeds. Any seeds can be carried by the chickens.


Similar to mooshrooms and cows that are fed wheat will follow the players who have it.


Before they can be bred or tamed, donkeys must first be mastered. Clicking on a donkey will allow you to control it. Clicking on the donkey will put the player on top, and it will kick you off until you are tamed.

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Once they are tamed, donkeys may be given either a golden carrot or a golden apple to encourage them to breed. These items can be made by using the below-mentioned crafting table.


The breeding of foxes can be complicated and frustrating. Foxes can only be found in a tiaga Biome. Foxes are just like cats and will flee from anyone who approaches them. Sneaking is the best way to get close enough. You can barricade the foxes in an area two blocks high so they can’t escape. After the two adult foxes have been pinned down, give them sweetberries. These sweetberries can also be found in the tiaga biome.

Our guide contains more detailed information. How-To Tame a Fox!


Horses need to be trained before they can be bred. Click on the horse that you want to tame until it stops running away. Horses can be bred if they are tamed by giving them two golden apples or golden carrots.


Llamas need to be tamed before they can breed. Click on the mouse to get rid of the llama’s habitual behavior. Two adult llamas can be bred if they are properly tamed. You can find haybales in villages or make them yourself using the craft table.

Llamas can spawn naturally in mountain biomes and savanna. However, wandering trader llamas can’t be bred.


Mooshrooms, which look like cows, are found only in the mushroom fields biome. Like cows, they can also be bred using wheat.


Ocelots, which are similar to cats, can be found in jungle biomes. They are very active and will chase you away. To gain their trust, feed them raw cod and raw salmon. After they are tamed feed them again to reproduce.

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Pandas can be found in jungle biomes and love bamboo! They will follow those who hold bamboo. To breed them, they must have eight bamboo blocks within a 5-block radius. The pandas won’t breed if they aren’t within a five-block radius. Instead, they will eat the bamboo.

Here are some tips to control pandas How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft


For pig breeding, you can simply give them a carrot or potato. These items will be followed by the pigs.


Rabbits are generally afraid of humans. The rabbit will come if you have a carrot, golden carrot or dandelion. These items can then used to breed two adult bunnies.


Sheep will follow players holding wheat and can be bred by being fed this item. Unless they are compatible, the baby sheep will be either one of the adult colors. The baby sheep will then be a mix of the two colors.


The process of breeding turtles is not easy. Turtles can be found swimming in the seawater and spawn at beaches. They will follow players holding seagrass and two turtles can be bred by feeding them this item. You can pick up seagrass by using shears. After the turtles have bred, they will head to the shore and start digging for eggs. These eggs will eventually produce turtles. Players can also pick these eggs up using a silk touch pickaxe.

Our guide contains more information. How-To Breed Turtles!


Before they can be bred, wolves must first be tamed with bones. After being tamed, two adult wolves can be fed raw meat to allow them to breed. The parent wolves will also be able to tame the baby pup.

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