Minecraft 2.09 Update for PS4

Minecraft 2.09 Update for PS4

Minecraft 2.09 has been updated to the PS4 for Minecraft players. This hotfix is small and fixes the problem of Minecraft players getting stuck on the loading screen, or their game crashing. If you are having difficulty logging in, you will now be able to use a button combination to clear your cache. The full details can be found below.

Today, we release a hotfix to PlayStation 4 which will allow you clear your sign in data while launching the game. We hope this will fix the problem where the loading screen gets stuck and could cause the game to crash.

We have implemented a workaround button combination at startup to clear player’s download cache (MCPE-84790). You may want to do the following after the game has been updated.

Start Minecraft Once the initial loading screen appears hold the following buttons: The button combination is L1 +R1 + L2+ R2 + OPTIONS = Touch Pad. This must be held until you see the splash screen disappear.

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