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Melty Blood, an action fighting game for gamers all over the globe, was released in 2002. There are more than 30 fighting characters in the game. Some characters are locked. As you play through the story mode in Melty Blood, you can unlock these characters. They have great skills and abilities to defend themselves and attack enemies.

To protect yourself against enemy attacks, shields can be used. To stop an enemy’s attack, you can put a shield in front. A shield bunker allows you to attack your opponent while simultaneously blocking their attacks. Some magical abilities are also available to help you defeat enemies. All characters have special attack skills.

You can use special attack to attack and defend against enemy attack, which will negate their attacks. After being hit by an opponent’s attack, Melty Blood gives you the task of restoring some of your health points. However, this is not possible in all situations or sports. You can play Melty Blood on PlayStation.

Melty Blood Tier List (Best Characters).⇩

Melty Blood Tier ListMelty Blood Tier List
List of Melty Blood Tiers

Multi Blood has 5 different groups for characters.

Nero Ryugi, the main character of Group S, is his main character. He is the top fighter in the game and has the highest global score. Ark and Satsuki, the A+ team’s main protagonists, are Ark. These characters are almost as good and as entertaining as the first.

Hisukoha, Akiha, and Hisukoha are the main characters of Group A. They are both good enough. You can get them. Aoko and Ciel are the main characters in Group B. These characters aren’t as strong as you’d like for your team. Nekoarch and Kohameche are the main protagonists in Group C. They are the most vulnerable characters in the game.

Here’s our own Melty Blood Tier List, which is a good starting point for casual gamers:

S Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

Hero Tier List
Nero Ryougi Tier – S

A+ Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

Hero Tier List
Arc Tier – A+
Satsuki Tier – A+
Seifuku Tier – A+
Wara Tier – A+

A Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

Hero Tier List
Akiha Tier – A
HisuKoha Tier – A
Kohaku Tier – A
Kouma Tier – A
Len Tier – A
Mech Tier – A
Nanaya Tier – A
PCiel Tier – A
Ries Tier – A
Roa Tier – A
Sion Tier – A
VAkiha Tier – A
Warc Tier – A

B Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

Hero Tier List
Aoko Tier – B
Ciel Tier – B
Hime Tier – B
Miyako Tier – B
Shiki Tier – B
VSion Tier – B
WLen Tier – B

C Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

Hero Tier List
KohaMech Tier – C
NecoArc Tier – C
NecoArcChaos Tier – C
Necomech Tier – C

Melty Blood Tier List (Characters Details)⇩

Below is the Melty blood Tier List with some of the best character details

Akiha Tohno – Akiha was appointed head of the Tohno household following the death his father. She is determined to preserve the family name and will do everything in her power to achieve it.

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Kohaku – Kohaku has a lot of knowledge in pharmaceuticals and has been working for the Tohno family ever since childhood. Don’t be fooled by his broom because he has a sword on it. Not only can he throw firebombs but he can also summon unusual plants.

Red Arcueid –He was made a vampire by some accident or at least his instincts were those of a vamp. Raid is a fighter for humans, and his newfound powers make Raid even more dangerous.

Saber –Saber is a shining knight who wields Excalibur, the sacred sword. He must solve a mystery of his very own.

Miyako Ariyama – Miyako Ariyama is the eldest daughter of the family and Shiki’s self-proclaimed sister. She is a Bajikan fighter and let her fighting speak for herself in fights.

Kouka Kishima –Kauka Kishima, the head of the family. While he is both human and demon, his fighting skills won’t let you see his human side. His scorching heat can turn his enemies into ashes, which is one of his talents.


We hope that you enjoy this Melty Blood Tier List Post. In this post we give complete information about the most popular characters. Melty BloodYou can play through our Melty Blood Tier List. This post will provide you with a list of tiers that will assist in improving your Melty Blood gameplay.

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