Genshin Impact is introducing material conversion

Genshin Impact is introducing material conversion

July 5, 2022 Off By

Genshin ImpactIt is close to its third major update. Although it has been more than three weeks since Version 2.0 was released, there is still a lot of hype surrounding Version 1.3. However, we know very little about what’s coming.

Thank you to miHoYo Developer DiscussionWe have discovered that a new mechanism is being developed and will be available in 1.3. Material Conversion.

The Developer Discussion didn’t give away much. They only said it was being developed and that more information will come in the future.

Q4: I would like to be able convert materials.

A4: The material conversion function, which will be available in Version 1.3, is in development. Keep checking back for further announcements about the requirements and rules behind this function.

We believe that any material type can be converted so Iron Ore will become Iron Chunks, and Iron Chunks the next rare commodity. Depending on the rarity, however, the amount required for each conversion may vary.

No doubt, many Genshin Impact players have a horde of materials they are not using due to the limitless inventory space, so being able to convert worthless materials into ones that you need will be amazing.

This is Version 1.3’s first surprise. More information and leaks are expected to follow soon.

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