Sumeru’s release is closing in on Genshin Impact. Leakers have started to discover information about Fontaine, which will be included in Version 4.0 next year. While little information has been revealed about the nation of justice, a recent installment of leaks hints at its possible location, as well as the most probable route to get there—for now, at least.

According to a leak, r/Genshin_Impact_LeaksFontaine, a nation, shares a border to Qiaoying Village. This area was first mentioned by Of Drink-A-Dreaming. Little Meng also spoke in a Liyue Daily Commission. These conversations revealed that Qiaoying Village produces high-quality tea. Its location on the World Map was unclear until recent leaks, which revealed that it is located north of Liyue.

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With this in mind, Qiaoying Village makes the most sense to be the easiest route to Fontaine. Although nothing has been disclosed about the relationship between them, it is possible that they have a transactional relationship.

Genshin Impact has yet to release Qiaoying Village, so players can look forward for the new area’s arrival in the future. There have not been any leaks, hints or announcements to support reliable speculation about when it will happen. Keep an eye on Genshin Impact’s social media channels for official information.

Don’t forget Sumeru is coming soon before you dive into the Fontaine excitement. Take a look at Sumeru’s state of affairs are dire, according to Genshin Impact leakLearn more about the country.

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