Leak shows possible Dendro Reactions Coming in Genshin Impact

Leak shows possible Dendro Reactions Coming in Genshin Impact

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Sumeru’s rumored release date is rapidly approaching. Leakers have been looking for information on the long-awaited Element expected to drop along with the nation. Early leaks suggest that Sumeru’s first Dendro character might be included in Version 3.0. The character-in-question is largely believed to be Collei, who made her debut in the official Genshin Impact manga.

In addition to the rumors about Dendro’s release new Elemental Reactions were also reported as being in development. According to a leaker @Genshin_IntelOn Twitter, you can combine the Dendro Element with Hydro to make the following reactions

  • Intensified, Dendro and ElectroFor seven seconds, this Reaction will increase Electro Damage and Dendro to the enemies affected and drop one Electro Particle. This Reaction, which is supposed to increase Elemental Mastery but not deal damage on its own, supposedly increases that ability. This Reaction is an indirect boost to Electro Reactions because it drops an Electro Particle.
  • Hydro and Dendro Hydro: OvergrownHydro: This drops seeds that turn into mushrooms. Players can then explode them by applying Hydro. Reactions that result deal AoE Dendro Damage. Hydro’s effects on mushrooms’ growth are still being debated. other translationsHydro will not cause spores grow. They may explode after a certain time.

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The latest leak matches older information. @projectcelestiaThe first time testing files were found among game data was in 2004. This new leak offers further insight into Dendro’s likely application in practice.

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In-game, the Pyro/Dendro Reaction, Burning has been observed when players apply Pyro onto grass. But, the leakers have not yet released any information about how the Reaction might be used beyond environmental factors. Dendro could not be affected by Geo, Cryo, or Anemo in the leak above.

Dendro and its corresponding Reactions remain in testing, so it is important to treat this information with caution. Also, keep in mind that major changes will likely occur as Sumeru updates close.

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