Genshin Impact players are eagerly anticipating the spoils of the release update 1.1This is no surprise, as the update seems huge. We are getting closer to that date, more information about upcoming events starts to emerge. The first is that Klee has been confirmed as the next Banner to Genshin Impact. A Referral Event will take place on the 28th of October 2020.

Upcoming banner

Zeniet tweets:

We have officially confirmed that Klee will be our next banner following Venti.

She’s a 5* Pyro character Her specialty is using explosions against enemies Her character introduction video, “The Night where the Sun Escapes” is being released to several regions slowly


We have already mentioned this in our upcoming Bannersarticle that revealed the identity of the next Banners. According to leaked information, Klee will arrive next after the Venti Banner vanishes. Officially, there is no date yet, but the rumored information appears to be 100% accurate so we can assume that Klee will arrive between the 18th and the 7th November.

There are a few additional characters that can be dropped along with Klee, the 5 Star Pyro Catalyst user. These characters are intended to be: 

  • Xingqiu – 4 Star Hydro Sword user
  • Noelle 4 Star Geo Claymore User
  • Xiangling – 4 Star Pyro Polearm user

Ran Changfu, however, claims that Zeniets will confirm the following:

That’s the old banner from beta, they’ll most likely change the 4* characters in the new banner.


Now that we have the official confirmation, we will soon be able to hear more about the Banner.

Referral Event

Adventurers, Assemble

Update: Adventurers, Assemble! is the referal event. It has been officially launched in Europe and the US as of the 28th October. The event ends on 27 November 2020. You can find all the details here. Genshin Impact Adventurers, Assemble!Log in with your character. These are the rules:

How to participate:

You can participate outside of the game by logging in to your miHoYo Account and linking a character. To participate within the game, please log in to your miHoYo account and link a character. PlayStation 2 players traveling to the United States should use the PlayStation 3 version of the game. This event is not available to guest accounts.

Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 15 and above will be able to receive an invitation code via the “Invite Friends” menu. Invite adventurers to join the code and form a relationship with you. You can check the “Invite History” menu to see if new adventurers are on the invitation list.

Travelers with Adventure Rank 7 (or below) can use invitation codes from the “Link Friends” menu to build bonds with other adventurers.

Adventurers may invite up to 10 adventurers using their invitation code. Only one invitation is allowed for new adventurers.

A new adventurer can reach 15 when their Adventure Rank is at 15. They will also be eligible to receive an invitation code that invites other adventurers to form bonds.

Reward for Events:

Travelers will receive rewards via an in-game message. The delivery of rewards may take a little longer than expected.

*There is a certain amount of lag before the Adventure Rank data is updated to match in-game. If you already have the required Adventure Rank and are unable claim the rewards, please wait a minute and re-enter your event page to claim your rewards.

While the rewards for inviting people remain the same, the rewards for those who receive the invitation can be increased.

  • Invitation Task
    • Register now to receive 10000 Mora
    • If 1 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.
    • If 2 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.
    • If 3 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.
  • Received an invitation
    • Enter an invitation code successfully and you will receive 10000 Mora Fine Enchanment ORe x 10. Adventurer’s Experience is x10.
    • You can reach AR5 and get a 3 Star artifact, the Medal of the Brave x1.
    • AR10 is the minimum required to receive a 3 Star artifact, Prospect of the Brave x1.
    • You get Hero’s Wit when you reach AR15
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A leaked screenshot in Chinese, of the rewards earned from the Referral Event in Genshin ImpactA leaked screenshot in Chinese, of the rewards earned from the Referral Event in Genshin Impact

For more context, Zeniet explains:

To add more context,

  • Total 180 primogems
  • Referring people to you must use your unique code
  • Your code can be used by up to 10 people. Players below AR7 are still eligible for new adventurer status.
  • Higher AR15 players have access to refer others


Every day seems to bring new information about Genshin Impact. We also know that Genshin Impact is a game of incredible hype!


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