Every once in a while, Roblox refuses to connect to a game. As normal, you’ll connect to the platform, go to your favorite game’s launch site, and press play. It will just display a disconcerting error message. Most cases, you will need to re-connect to the game. What if this doesn’t work?

Update, May 4, 2022, 8:02 ET

Cheaterboss.net was able to connect with Roblox to play games. Roblox Status page or official Twitter account has not been updated. However some users are able to get back online.

Roblox is currently down due to a service disruption, with no timeframe of when it will be back online. Roblox Team is aware that this problem exists and is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

We are sorry to hear that Roblox is not working for some people. We are actively working to fix it. We appreciate your patience.

— Roblox (@Roblox) May 4, 2022

Are Roblox Servers down?

Googling this will present countless options when attempting to check the Roblox server status. Some websites can be inaccurate, while others can be confusing. Fortunately, the Roblox company has their own official page to check server operations. Below we’ve detailed how to check the Roblox Status page and—if that fails—how to check a secondary website.

Option 1: Roblox Status Page

Straight from the source itself, the Roblox company has built a Status PageThis page is for launch problems users can refer to. Detailed without overwhelming the user, this page is broken down into three categories—User, Player, Creator. Specific areas of Roblox like the Website, Mobile App, and Xbox App are listed separately, beneath each category.

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The platform may have issues in specific areas, rather than the entire platform going down. If “Operational”, which is shown in green, is next to the item, you will know that everything is functioning properly.

A Deeper Look

For a more in-depth look at previous server outages, Roblox allows you to reference its past History of Server Outages.This page provides information down to the moment and dates of server outages. Each issue is classified as a Partial Service Disruption (or a Service Disruption) by the company. This allows them to pinpoint which part of the platform is affected.

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Option Two: Downdetector

The Roblox DowndetectorPage keeps track of user reports in real time. This means that any player experiencing a server outage may log the incident at the moment it occurred. Downdetector logs user reports and graphs them for everyone.

Downdetector is a secondary tool that allows outages to be reported immediately from the players. In the rare case that Roblox isn’t fast enough to report outages, rest assured that users are logging their own data on Downtector. This method is efficient in confirming if the problem is widespread and if it is an issue with your ISP.

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